Sleeping Dogs: The Movie and The Power of Change

The live-action Sleeping Dogs may not only help change perceptions on video game movies, but have a larger effect on the movie industry.

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Skaymore615d ago

It'd b really awesome to see a really good video game movie

Unoriginalplayer614d ago

I can not wait for this! Sleeping Dogs was such a great game. Shame there may never be a true sequel but hearing that Donnie Yen is the star in the movie just put this up to number 1 on my can't wait list!

annoyedgamer615d ago (Edited 615d ago )

Does everything these days have to be about race?

614d ago
Jared8Randall613d ago

I predict a cyclical effect. If the movie kicks ass then the game will get more attention and the world will get built. If the movie sucks then it will affirm the critics who didn't like the game and the world will get crushed