IGN: Fallout 3 Week: Tools of Survival

Desperate times often call for desperate measures. When fresh water is a rare find and most of the food available is just as full of radiation as it is nutrition, simply making it through the night is the definition of success. And sometimes, somebody else has to die for you to do that. Such is life in Fallout 3, Bethesda's upcoming post-apocalyptic role-playing game for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The game may keep track of your good and evil deeds through a karma system, but even the most angelic of characters will have to get their hands dirty if they value their lives. To do that, you're going to need some weapons.

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JustinSaneV24074d ago

This game had better turn out to be GotY!

Rick Astley4074d ago

Meh. Bethesda toned it down.

Cenobia4074d ago

Actually, the changes were incredibly subtle and got blown out of proportion.

Basically they changed the name of a drug. "Morphine" was changed to "Med-X."

There may be other changes (they mention some animation changes), but it definitley isn't something that would warrant writing the game off entirely.

JustinSaneV24074d ago

@ Cenobia:

Don't you just love how the general public gives in to this paparazzi-based society?

A few name changes and minor tweaks here-and-there and all of a sudden the game is "doomed".

Humans can be such nitwits sometimes.