One and Done: Games Without Sequels - Part One

Phil writes, "In an industry full of sequels (though that isn't exclusive to the video game industry, of course), it's nice to see new franchises come about. However, not all of these wind up being successful. No, some end up having the best of intentions and end up either getting ripped to shreds by critics or sell horribly on the market. Other times, the publisher just moves on and doesn't give a game a chance to blossom into a series by giving it a sequel. Whichever the case, One and Done is a new series on SuperPhillip Central that delves into the games that saw but one entry, not including remastered versions or enhanced ports.

After checking out SuperPhillip Central's initial six picks, which games that never got a sequel are your favorites?"

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darthv72948d ago

Love legend of dragoon. surprised that hasnt been given a hd remake / reboot.

As to part 2 I'd like to add one that may / may not be on the list. Dante's Inferno. Granted it is a GoW clone but one of the better hack and slash clones. they had material for a sequel and possible 3rd entry.

MaGNeZiouM947d ago

Legend of Dragoon

I wish a Reboot for this game .. Love it so much

ironcrow2386947d ago

Absolutely criminal theres never been a sequel to bully 😐

947d ago
947d ago