UK Retailers List Left 4 Dead For PS3, Valve In Denial

Kotaku: What on earth is going on with Left 4 Dead? Last week we had the Australian classifications board saying there was to be a Nintendo DS port (dismissed by Doug Lombardi as "Nonsense") and now.. this.

Two readers sent us links to two separate online retailers, both of whom list a PS3 version of Left 4 Dead as being available from November. November the 7th, according to

This seemed to confirm the Official PlayStation mag story back in August that EA were working on a port of the Zombie survive-em-up.

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peedie164067d ago

can we please just let the 360 owners enjoy this because if this is true ps3 owners won't get it until sometime next year

chaosatom4067d ago

It's coming right after Gears, so no xbox owner would care.

It's coming from valve if it comes, so no ps3 owner would care.

Gam714067d ago

it sounds like another british retailers mess up like they did with mgs4 on the 360.

also i think chaos above hits the nail on the head. Should release later

aceitman4067d ago

this is what was going on with that and wham its on the ps3 and better

beans4067d ago

I'm looking forward to this one although the timing is off.

MAR-TYR-DOM4067d ago

Do you guys not know that this whole game is a small part of resistance 2? The 8player online co-op is exactly what you do in this game!

zethos564067d ago

you know, because they're so similar...

DRUDOG4067d ago

Yeah, zombies... aliens...

6 to 1, half dozen to another.

I'll stick with R2, thank you very much.

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DavidMacDougall4067d ago

They can keep it dont want the outdated source engine hurting itself trying to keep up with the ps3

4067d ago
DavidMacDougall4067d ago

You know something White Knight i think you might be the brother i never had ,are you Scottish?

Kleptic4067d ago

dated graphics for sure; but Left 4 Dead does look incredibly fun...I would have no problem trying it out for the PS3 over my laptop if I get the option (after all, nearly any PC since 2005 will play the game)...and if its the same EA studio that did the job as the orange box, maybe their first '2nd gen' PS3 title will end up a lot smoother...

I don't know that I would buy it yet, I just want to try it...

cp684067d ago

They have developed L4D for PS3, but Gabe is eating the damn disc and all contract evidence!!!

Laexerias4067d ago

He looks like Jabba the Hudd

GameOn4067d ago

When will we get some good comedians n N4G?

NonApplicable4067d ago

I dont even care for this game. Yes it has some cool features, but really?

cp684067d ago

shoot and kill zombies. pathetic game.

Gam714067d ago

2 - PS3 doesn't need brainless shooters

so you're not buying r2?

Microsoft_Spokesman4067d ago

R2 is different. Much, much better the L4D. 60players online is the only thing that I need to buy R2.

steck674067d ago

R2 looks like it will be much more strategic compared to L4D. All you do in L4D is shoot zombies which are chasing you. And Resistancec 2 does not look like a brainless shooter.

ICUP4067d ago

Don't compare this trash game with R2


good story and long campaign
8 players co-op
60 players online

Left 4 Dead

no story only mindless shooting
4 players co-op
8 players online

R2 is basically 2 game in 1

steck674067d ago

Bubbles for ICUP. Although you also forgot to mention that Resistance 2 will also have two different story modes, one for campaign and another for online.

shutupandplay4067d ago

LOL! If resistance is strategic, then, you must have to be a genius to stratagize in gears 2! Sony fans in denial, R2= brainless action, similar to halo, only with 4 times more people. 4 times more people= 4 times less skill.

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The story is too old to be commented.