Mario Kart + Gary's Mod = Valve Kart 64 Video

Remember back to the classic days of Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64? Mix in a heaping helping of Half Life 2 and you have a recipe for some Kickass Kart Shenanigans. Some ambitious modder has taken the time to recreate the world of Mario Kart, in the Half Life universe. I don't know who made this mod, but my hat goes off to you. Check out the hilarious video below, and remember, always watch out for the G-Man...

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poopsack4076d ago

its finally done huh? interesting.

TheColbertinator4076d ago

I miss Mario Kart.Awesome game to play with family and friends

Killjoy30004076d ago

LMFAO @ just the beginning .

Timesplitter144076d ago

Anon I see what you did there

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