GamersInfo Review - Wacky Races: Crash and Dash "Back in the very late 1960s, there was a short-lived cartoon series known as The Wacky Races. This "racey" cartoon emphasized better driving than speed and followed the misadventures of 11 different drivers as they raced to find out who is the wackiest racer. There is the lovely miss Penelope Pitstop, the archetypical gentleman Peter Perfect, "gothic" monsters The Gruesome Two-some, country-hicks Luke and Blubber Bear, the Neolithic Slag Brothers, Red Max, The Ant Hill Mob, that crazy Professor Pat Pending, manly treecutter Rufus Ruffcut and Sawtooth, Sergeant Blast and Private Meekly, and the infamous Dick Dastardly, who could actually win if he stopped trying to cheat. The oddest part about the series is that the mysterious Announcer interacts with the racers. And it's hilarious because he grounded the show. I digress, out of these 11, there is at least one character that a viewer will like. Now, nearly 40 years later, Eidos has released The Wacky Racers: Crash and Dash for the Nintendo DS. So, how does it stand against good gaming criteria and the original cartoon?"

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