7 Hot PS4 Exclusives That'll Make Some Jealous

Why should PlayStation 4 owners get to have all the fun? It'd be wonderful if these exclusives could somehow go multiplatform.

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Pamela-Ibis589d ago

Well everyone could be having great games if they just put brand loyalty aside. I have bith playstation and nintendo. I mostly play on my ps4. And when persona 5 and kindgom hearts comes out this month ill spend alot of time on playstation till xenoblade and fire emblem warriors comes out

jznrpg589d ago

Horizon now ,Nier next than Persona 5 then Kingdom Hearts for me!

Pamela-Ibis589d ago

All fantastic games that others are missing out cause they dont like playstation.

G20WLY589d ago

^ and why don't they like PlayStation? Because it's not American! Smdh those guys are thick as pig shit.

GuruStarr78589d ago

Agreed, I'm in the same boat except I have Xbox as well. I'm basically "loyal" to all 3. I've never held the "closed mind" approach that would make me miss out on a great title. I've been a gamer over 35 years and have held a job for the last 27 years, so I've always been capable of affording them. (Turbografx included, LOL).

I'm really getting tired of the fanboy-ism here especially on N4G. I've been a member for about 8 years and it seems to get worse every day. I can remember playground squabbles over Nintendo or Sega, and even then I didn't get it.

Pamela-Ibis589d ago

Well im thinking of deleting my account cause its all one-sided. I love ps4 but whenever i express my love for other systems i get so much hate. It seems that you can only praise sony on this site.

G20WLY589d ago

^ I hear what you're saying, Pam, but I think it's more to do with the consumer preference as a whole.

When you look at the marketshare PlayStation had last gen and compare it to what we see now, it stands to reason we'll see more PlayStation fans on N4G, where it has been more balanced in the past.

I totally agree though, N4G is a shit hole, with some of the worst fanboys (in all camps) you'll find on the net. And it's definitely got WORSE since they 'improved' the website. Smdh

Circuitburnout588d ago

This exactly. I have all 3 companies consoles not to mention my gaming pc. All this tribal BS needs to disappear as it does no one any good.

mastiffchild588d ago

It does Sony, Nintendo and MS a great deal of good. It really hurts us as consumers, though. If we had a more united voice rather than splitting the core audience basically five ways(Sony fanboys, ninty fanboys, ms fanboys, master racers and actual, don't care as long as it's good gamers)then console gamers might not be shafted into paying extra for online, have to put up with launch nonsense from ms this time round and Sony with ps3. We might all group together and call Nintendo out over business practises like deliberately short stocking which helps scalpers and nobody else.

Sadly, instead people are over loyal to "their" company (that they've no monetary involvement in)and the core gamer populous is divided and easily ruled. Just think of the dodgy crap on every single platform these days. Christ CDPR are seen as a paragon of virtue purely for behaving reasonably. If we aren't caught up in nonsense maybe things would be better all round. From Greenlight crap on Steam, through microtransactions, Capcom favourite of on disc dlc and idiotic preorder culture to God knows what else. Fanboyism serves only to make us easy targets as a group, happy to bend over for corporations while eulogising them on forums for the privelege of letting us buy their products.

Just a thought-am I just naive or wasn't I the only one a bit pleased to see sales down last November? Even Bethesda deserved poor sales with the anti pre release review code stance and it felt, for a moment like we were finally learning a little. Rant done. Sorry. Wasn't trying to come over like gamer Lenin but while I have favourite Devs, platforms etc surely we all need to stand together and call out industry bollox whoever is behind it. Have a favourite but don't be blind and don't leave fellow gets out to dry.

GuruStarr78588d ago

It's at the point that I come to N4g.Com just expecting the top stories to be anti - MS and anti - Nintendo, but always a praise for Sony. Anti - Sony stories are up there too, but only because the comments section is filled with people coming to it's defense.

Again, I love all 3, but this has gotten out of hand.

FaSCoRP589d ago

I finished Until Dawn four times and I don't remember seeing that girl with just the bra.. mmmm.

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Fearmonkey588d ago

Thats the scene when she was in the cabin (when she was cold and you had to find firewood) I believe, its very brief which is probably why you dont remember it.

Greg2801588d ago

You have to make the right choices to get her that far ;)

FallenAngel1984589d ago

If anyone is that jealous they'd just get a PS4. If they don't then they're just not interested in PS4

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