Gamervision Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 All Play

GV: "Beginning in 1999, EA teamed up with a then up-and-coming star of the PGA, a fellow by the name of Tiger Woods, hoping he could do for golf video game branding what John Madden did for football. The results were better than anyone could have expected; Tiger Woods PGA took off as a gaming franchise, with each year's iteration being better than the year before. The release of the Wii gave EA an opportunity to bring to a Tiger game something that the series had never seen before: motion controls. Many gamers believed that there were few sports that would be as natural a fit for the Wii as golf. Sadly, last year's version was disappointing to say the least, with shoddy motion controls, lackluster visuals, and putting that was borderline broken. I held out hope that some of the problems that plagued the '08 version would be fixed for '09. Although there are some shiny new features and game modes, overall Tiger Woods '09 feels like '08 redux."

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