How Have They Not Made This Game Yet?

Gamervision: "The camera fades in from an all white screen, slowly revealing a pristine castle of unimaginable size and beauty. Golden light streams from above and below the ground, bathing the entire scene in a dreamlike glow. We pan in through the grand gates of the castle, traversing its gilded halls. Banners and streamers fly freely throughout the massive structure's alabaster walls, and winged sentries stand vigilant with blazing swords at their sides. After passing through the seemingly endless corridors, the camera finally comes to a huge courtyard. Willow trees bearing golden fruit surround a gathering of Angels. They surround a throne in a semi-circle, and despite the fact that our surroundings and subjects are clearly Angelic, the gathering is full of tension, consternation and even anger. As we pull closer, we hear rumblings of discord as one of the Angels argues vehemently with the still unseen resident of the glorious throne. "Why, then, oh god, do these unworthy mortals have the freedom to choose, when we, the first born, do not?!," cries Lucifer. As the argument increases in intensity, more and more angels rally around the charismatic angel, raising their sword in defiance. Two distinct, equally sized camps begin to form, and soon, the presence that sits in the throne banishes the rebellious angels, sparking a riotous battle right then and there. As the din of battle rises, the camera pans up to the skies, and the title is displayed; "War in Heaven."

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jwatt4073d ago

The title sounds like a mix between God of War and Heavenly Sword.

Tacki4073d ago

... and you play as Narikros. Half-man, half-woman... two blades, one boob.

LeonSKennedy4Life4073d ago

LB Games made the Left Behind game. It was terrible.

I think 2k Boston should make a Revelation-based game...maybe Hideo Kojima.

Tacki4073d ago

That box art right there is what I'd imagine a Kid Icarus game would look like on PS3. Of course I know we'll never see that on a Playstation console (unless many generations from now Nintendo drops out of hardware like Sega) but it just came to mind after seeing that pic. I'm still interested in seeing what's done with the actual game on the Wii. It was just an interesting thought... imagining it on done in a darker way perhaps. Just calling it Icarus maybe.

realistgamer4073d ago

i've always wanted to see this concept come into play but the gaming industry is just too afraid to touch on the subject of religion.

VF34EJ254073d ago

Well when you got examples like Resistance and the Cathedral throwing a hissy fit for being in the game, it's hard for developers to try and dig in.

Religion is a very sensitive subject.

Alex_Mexico4073d ago

to the general idea of this game.
In fact, it IS the idea of this game but translated into greek mythology. But more like Heaven (Zeus) AND Hell (Hades) against a mortal and stuff (Titans).

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