Burglars Steal Video Games Worth $40,000

Two men broke into a Kendall video store and stole video games worth $40,000 early Monday, police said.
Miami-Dade police said the two men broke the lock on the front door of a store in the 8600 block of Southwest 72nd Street just before 1:45 a.m. The burglars stole thousands of dollars worth of video games from the store before getting into a black 2007 Honda CR-V and driving away, Miami-Dade police said.

A police officer who saw the SUV leaving the scene followed it until the two men inside got out, police said.
Suspect Miguel Cedeno Lazo, 35, was arrested. Police continue to look for the second man.
Anyone with information is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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Rick Astley4073d ago

If it were up to me I'd remove their arms.

Killjoy30004072d ago

Thumbs and pinkies for me. That way they could try to grab the controller, only to drop it to the floor and realize that they're now a couple of crippled freaks.

Hydrolex4072d ago

I'm sure you have never met jail, Jail is even worse than losing your arms

Silogon4072d ago

Who cares... At the end of everyone's life there is a place waiting for us that says Videogames never mattered and neither did 99.9% of anything else you did here.

BigKev454072d ago

I bet their plan was to sell it back to the Gamestop they stole it from.

KiddyBrownTurd4072d ago

that would have been sweet justice.


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