VR vs. A Time To Switch Off

Now that the Switch is out, Nintendo should subtract the idea of an add-on and begin VR anew later.

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587d ago
nikrel587d ago

How can they do quality VR on a 720p screen?

Scatpants587d ago

It would have to be a second screen that plugs in to it. There's no way you could comfortably wear that thing on your face. Also judging by the Switch's graphics there's no way it could push quality VR. It would have to be the absolute simplest of games. If they're going to get in to VR they'll have to release some kind of new SwitchVR in a year or two.

maybelovehate587d ago (Edited 587d ago )

with a lot of large square pixels :D

Joking aside, you are right though. That screen won't work. Too heavy as well.

cleft5587d ago

If they simply added an attachment that either had a second screen that output 1080p just to the retina display then it wouldnt be an issue. On top of that, I haven't seen 720p in VR so that resolution might be fine. If not, its still possible to work around this issue, but the device the console plugged into would need its own processor to boost the console power. I think frame rate would be more of an issue than resolution.