Playstation Home finally hitting the PS3 - does anyone still care?

Dave Parrack writes,

"Playstation Home has been one of the most delayed products in gaming I have ever experienced. But, now, the wait may finally be coming to an end, as speculation grows over a full open Home launching in October. Well, we can but dream. The question is: does anyone still care?"

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How do u get four approvols. does it have to do with contributor status or something?

Anyway ontopic: We all know Home is not going to be perfect when it's released. It will always need fine tuning. And Sony will always add things to home, to make it better.

And Of course, Sony can't do everything. Developers need to be with sony and support Home as much as they can.

What I certainly do know is that it's going to miles better than second life and is isn't even the same category.

Personally I am excited more about the games and getting Home is an added free feature to have.

I can't judge Home when it comes out, but it might take 2-4 months for home to really launch and show all it can to the consumer.

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Yes, it does, I only have 1 approval right now.
Some admins have a 10 approval

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360degrees4501d ago (Edited 4501d ago )

So if it has anything whatsoever to do with the Xbox360 Video Gaming Console and the word DELAY its the biggest thing in the World since sliced Bread.....and the bashing seems to have no end...But if its the(What seems like eternal) delay of Playstations Home its automatically forgiven ...and the fans say "The delay will make it better"...."Sony doesn't like to deliver unfinished products" "ETC".."ETC.... . since no one else will i call "shenanigans" on Home....

jwatt4501d ago

People still care but it's just that since it got delayed and we don't really know the release date we try not to get too excited only to be disappointed from a rumor that has the wrong release date.

Trust me if there is a article that says "Home is out now" the temperature would shoot through the roof.

Milky Joe4501d ago (Edited 4501d ago )

You're damn right I still care! I'm in the Beta at the mo and have been thoroughly enjoying it. I'm just waiting for all my mates to get hold of it so that I can really start to use it properly.

Seriously, if you're in the Beta, you will understand what all the hype was about back when it was announced.

EDIT: @ 360degrees: The only reason 360 delays are bashed by the PS3 folk is that last year when things weren't going so well for the PS3 you 360 guys were having an absolute field day letting everyone know how doomed and pathetic the PS3 was. 360 fanboys are in absolutely no position to complain.

NegativeCreep4274501d ago (Edited 4501d ago )

But what the hell! It's not like its going to impact anybody's wallets when it comes out. ITS FREE OF CHARGE!!!

"Does's anyone still care?"

I have the real question: Does's anyone still find this biased indifference towards PS3 and its services amusing?

Genesis54501d ago

Well I care and I care quite a bit. It's going to be great. I'm glad they are taking the time to make sure it is done right.

Squeely4501d ago

Protip - It's the same guy. Look at all of their story approvals and you'll most likely find each approving each others stories.

DiabloRising4501d ago

EDIT: @ 360degrees: The only reason 360 delays are bashed by the PS3 folk is that last year when things weren't going so well for the PS3 you 360 guys were having an absolute field day letting everyone know how doomed and pathetic the PS3 was. 360 fanboys are in absolutely no position to complain.

Quoted for truth. It does not justify anyone acting like a troll or fanboy however, but if you want to know the WHY, this poster hit the nail on the proverbial head.

As for Home, depends on how good it turns out. Trophies were much cooler IMHO, but we'll see.

Milky Joe4501d ago

Oh yeah, I wasn't justifying it by any means, it's just that 360 fanboys were a little to c0cky back then and now that things are different they shouldn't act so surprised that they're getting a slice of comeuppance.

RH064501d ago

will be nice for the PS3! Home will be great as well, as for the delayed products...Talk to the makers of Too Human, then get back to me!

SixTwoTwo4501d ago

Yes and no.

Yes because I'm interested in what 3rd parties like EA and Namco have done with their developer spaces. I want to see what kind of cool stuff they have for us, if any.

No because even if the developer spaces do have some cool stuff to keep me occupied, nothing else in Home appeals to me :/

bpac1234567894501d ago

if you don't care than simple, don't use it. its a free service and thats amazing in itself, nobody is forcing it down your throat. but you would be foolish to not even give it a chance.

beoulve4501d ago

an XBOX 360 fanboy doesnt care and wrote a blog or article to convince everyone?

ruibing4501d ago

Agreed, this article is pretty lame. It's simply using news from last week mixed in with some sarcasm.

Personally, I think he just felt left out because he wasn't invited into the beta.

BattleAxe4501d ago

I tried the beta out for the first time lastnight, and I was pleasantly surprised. It was alot of fun and I met alot of people. I was playing pool with other people, chatting, playing arcade games and chess. I took a trip through the mall and bought some clothes, furniture and a summer home space. They've got an outdoor music area which was cool and I even popped into the movie theater.

My apartment looks PIMP and the view from the balcony is beautiful. I think alot of people are going to get addicted to HOME. Has anyone seen that PSP commercial in the bowling alley? Its on one of the TVs hanging on the wall, its hilarious.

Wizeguy214501d ago

What about
final fantasy 12 that was delayed for years or Duke Nukem we are still waiting for that. Or how about Starcraft Ghost! dude Do some research!

SL1M DADDY4500d ago

It's just that now I am not holding my breath. I do wish it were here already but if it comes late and comes finished then by all means, take your time Sony.

Nineball21124500d ago

I care about it and I'm looking forward to trying it out! I would have liked to have been in the Beta, but oh well... The waiting has been annoying, but since it's a free app., I can't complain.

I think (hope) it's going to be successful and be another system selling point.

Tarasque4500d ago

I am also in the beta while it looks good and scale is nice, there is nothing to do. Unless they add more to it and incorporate your games with it more then i will not be using it. And being that it is free it doesn't matter if it is good or bad at least they tried something different.

Jake11114500d ago

How many gamers here have dreamed of going to E3 but couldnt afford the trip or didnt have a contact to let them in.??

Well guess what. All PS3 owners will now be able to go to virtual game conferences on the PS3. E3, GIC, etc etc.

This alone is going to make Home HUGE!! To be able to not only see the gaming conferences but to participate in asking the developers questions, play the demos etc.

This is GENIUS!! This is the future my friends. Save you air fair, gas, hotel, food, etc etc etc...

I am surprised no other gaming console company has thought of this before.


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I also want to know why can't I get 4 approvals like Blook mask. It must depend on Rank.


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I LOVE my xbox4501d ago

I know I definitely will be spending a lot of time in Home. It's the coolest way to meet new friends on the PSN and then watch movies, play games, or just chat together... crazy.

theEnemy4501d ago

But the prick at gamer.blorge doesn't.

Anyone care about him ?

ravinash4500d ago

Over 200 comments to this artical already, so I'm guessing yeah...people do care.

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SmokeyMcBear4501d ago

the most delayed products he has experienced.. are you fing serious... it was only announced feb last year, with a plan for a open beta for christmas last year.. essentially it has been delayed 1 year.. but all the while having a closed beta... geez.. over exaggerate much?

Kleptic4501d ago

totally agree....I love reading things written by an idiot on the internet...

deeznuts4501d ago

I immediately stopped reading when i read the hyperbole.

badz1494501d ago

and I thought Too Human was delayed more than anything else in gaming history or Duke nukem forever anyone? I don't know but a year delay for home is by far not the worst and it's a massive online community project, not simply a 'game'! I'm not saying delay for anything is good or this delay is better than that delay, but stating HOME as "the most delayed products in gaming" is clearly overblown! and yes, I still care for HOME and to Sony: BRING IT ON!

VF34EJ254501d ago

The author is complaining about a FREE service... that alone kills any credibility he has.

leyego4501d ago

delays to make it better and more stable even though they have been going on for a while now.
atleast its going to be better then too human. 10 years worth of delays and still turned out sh!t.

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MrNegativity4501d ago

i've been waiting to say this for the longest. NO! at least im not.

Kyur4ThePain4501d ago

It's mister I-change-my-post-every-30-seco nds with new account.
Welcome back to one bubble, buddy.

ravinash4500d ago

For some reason, I don't believe you.
You haven't been waiting a long time to say say it every chance you get.