Burnout Paradise Trophy List Revealed have just revealed the Burnout Paradise trophies that have been a long time coming.

Criterion had announced the trophy patch some time ago and finally the list has been revealed and it looks like the patch is due on the 25th of this month. The game features 64 trophies; 1 platinum, 4 gold, 11 silver and 48 bronze.

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41GClassic4076d ago

i feel left out not owning this game.

Rick Astley4076d ago

If these are retroactive then I'm pretty much done. :)

Drekken4076d ago

Me too Rick! I am excited for this one!

PirateThom4076d ago

They are retroactive, I think I have a lot of these as well.

Shadow Flare4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Yeah they are retroactive. Reason being is because unlike other games, Burnout partly saves your file on the psn, so it can't be copied. Or something like that

SixTwoTwo4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

When I download the trophy patch I'm going to hear about 40-50 consecutive trophy dings :)

retroactiveness is so full of winds :)

mfwahwah4076d ago

Yeah, it uses a 3 point system to secure a save file to one PS3. I think it's linked to your PS3, your PSN, and goes through encryption. Something like that.

DavidMacDougall4076d ago

Im not buying a camera for a platinum trophy

Megaton4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

The ones that don't look retro are very easy, and I've got 101% on both cars and bikes, so it looks like I've got an easy platinum coming to me.

Edit - Nevermind, apparently you need a camera for one of them, which is extremely lame. Gonna be short 1 bronze for this game. Should change it from sending to receiving a mug/smugshot. Shouldn't need to go buy a PSEye for a single trophy.

Delive4076d ago

This kind of support has to be applauded. Trophy list is 100% attainable (A little extra for the camera one, but attainable). Love being a Burnout fan.

maggotmx4076d ago

OH comon guys to moan bout the camera too much im sure u can find a really cheap usb camera sumwere. doesnt have to be pseye does it?

DavidMacDougall4076d ago

I just dont want a camera on my ps3 and the fact im going to be 99% complete on a driving game because i dont have one is BULLSH!T

Megaton4076d ago

I don't want a camera on my PS3 either, and it's bull that you have to go out and buy an accessory to complete a game's trophies. Pretty sure they had the same requirement for the 360's achievements too, but it was more like 50 pictures. If they want to force a trophy/achievement like that, you should be able to set a picture without a camera, via upload.

PirateThom4076d ago

Connect a USB camera of any kind
Take picture of a wall or the floor
Disconnect camera


Megaton4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )


Don't think it works like that. It snaps a photo from your camera's direct feed while it's plugged in.

PirateThom4076d ago

Well, the trophy is for:

"Awarded for sending a Mugshot or Smughot to another player during an online game (requires a USB camera to be connected)"

This is usually when you "win" against someone online (take down or whatever?), isn't it? I don't really play online a lot.

If that's what it means, just point it to the floor or whatever, let the camera take a picture and send it and you get the trophy and then you can get rid of the camera once it's done.

Megaton4076d ago

From what I've seen and heard from my PSN friends, your camera (they all use PSEye) has to be running like video, and it'll snap a pic from the live video feed when someone takes you down or if you beat someone's road rule. Taking a snapshot yourself doesn't work. I don't know if you could set it up for a regular digital camera to do it. Think it has to be webcam style.

nbsmatambo4076d ago

i hope it already notices wat challenges u have completed and updates =/

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chrisnick4076d ago

platinum here i come (again)

Dissidia4076d ago

the game's comin out on PSN the same day
pick it UP

meepmoopmeep4076d ago

criterion really supports the PS3, yeah?
good for them and other devs *coughs*kojimaproductions*coug h*
should do the same and bring out trophy patches

Mr_Showtime14076d ago

If I'm honest I would guess that they are saving trophies as a feature for the second version of the game that always comes out eg. Subsistence.

Which isn't fair on all those who bought the game in the first place, but I tend to buy the second version of MGS games all the time anyway!

meepmoopmeep4076d ago

i will buy it and you will too

*turns on hypnotizing machine*


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The story is too old to be commented.