L.A. Noire the Most Expensive Game in Development?

Edge writes: "Rockstar's crime thriller L.A. Noire "could be the biggest budget videogame in development anywhere in the world", according to Tom Crago, the CEO of Tantalus and the president of the Game Developers' Association of Australia.

"It would certainly... in terms of console titles, be in the top ten... L.A. Noire is a massive, massive project," Crago said at GC Asia 2008.

Earlier this year Rockstar producer Leslie Benzies estimated that GTA IV cost the company approximately $100 million to create, a figure which, if correct, would currently make it the most expensive game ever, topping the $70 million plus development budget for Sega's Dreamcast title Shenmue."

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sushipoop5633d ago

My god it would suck to see this game go multi-platform. That would only mean that the game has been downgraded to DVD status.

Jamegohanssj55633d ago

Pretty much sucks as you said.


Rick Astley5633d ago

Sad thing is that from the start their goal was to develop a huge, free roaming game, bigger than GTA and now, (if it goes multi-platform) we'll just have another GTA in our hands with horrible, unacceptable graphics.

Gam715633d ago

"we'll just have another GTA in our hands with horrible, unacceptable graphics."

I don't think the ps3 development with hinder this game much so that might not be the case if we're all lucky

Andras845633d ago

360 owners can get a 5 disc game with loading times between areas!! That's a solution right there!!

I had to change disc's when I played MGS1 on PS1. Not a big deal.

Rick Astley5633d ago

So 360 development, you mean. Rockstar had enough trouble as it is trying to fit the game on a single DVD. http://www.1up.com/do/featu...

That's why the next GTA will be PS3 exclusive, as stated by Sam Houser himself.

Xelai5633d ago

Whooa... Seriously those guys apart from releasing a crappy game, not being able to fit 7Gb of game in a 9Gb disc must suck!!!

Andras845633d ago

Can't argue against that!!!

Shadow Flare5633d ago (Edited 5633d ago )

actually i'd love it if it went multiplatform but only if they solely develop it for the ps3 and utilize it's advantages, and then somehow manage to port the thing over to 360 with the game on like 5 dvds. Sort of exactly like Final Fantasy XIII is being developed lol


zo6_lover275633d ago

There is only roughly 7GB available on a 360 DVD, the other 2GB is security software

MAR-TYR-DOM5633d ago

is at around 65 million USD last time i check!

SixTwoTwo5633d ago

IIRC the Killzone 2 budget is somewhere in the 20-25mil range. There was a list a few months back that had the supposed budget numbers for various games and nobody came even remotely close to GTA IV's budget. I still don't understand how they could put so much money into GTA IV yet all we got... was GTA IV :/

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360 man5633d ago

i will be picking this up on xbox.... hahahaha


Rick Astley5633d ago (Edited 5633d ago )

The fact that your DOWNGRADE-BOX PLZFIXME is holding back developers from making games bigger than GTA IV is nothing to laugh about really. In fact, you should be ashamed of even being a 360 supporter. I guess poor kids that can't afford the only "next-gen" console out there really don't have a choice but to play constant flops on their RRODBOX. PS3's are for smart, wealthy gamers. 360's are for poor homosexuals that fail at life.

Gam715633d ago (Edited 5633d ago )

You're right about the ps3 holding back development of games.

Look at gta.

Held back by dvd?

Any proof?

Anywhere it said that?

Thats why it had a higher res and better framerate on the 360?

If anything its held back by blu-ray.
Hows the mandatory install just to get it to compete with the 360 version?
Oh you'll bring up pop ups but thats not down to dvd. And with a hdd install on ps3 how much pop up would that have?
So much for the power of the ps3.

Now with this dashboard update coming up i'll be able to CHOOSE to install to the hdd and get rid off the pop.

What will your excuse be then?
I'm sure you'll find something to cry about.

Hey rick the way gta is lower res on the ps3?
And they took that comment back a few days later saying you would hardly notice the difference.

Guess you're still bitter about gta on the ps3

Rick Astley5633d ago (Edited 5633d ago )

I'm looking at GTA and all I see is a terrible looking multi-platform game that could have been more as a PS3 exclusive but was held back by the 360's DVD player.

The next GTA will not be possible on 360 due to DVD. http://www.1up.com/do/featu...
Rage will look worse on 360 due to compression (DVD). http://www.n4g.com/News-177...

zo6_lover275633d ago (Edited 5633d ago )

Bluray = more content

DVD = less content

Mandatory installs don't make a game any less enjoyable

I would also like to put it out there that sandbox games, such as GTA and L.A. Noire are nearly impossible to do on multiple disks

Gam715633d ago (Edited 5633d ago )

More content if there's more content to the game.

Just because it holds 50GB doesn't mean the game size is 50GB.

It needs that extra space to store the same information over and over again to help with search and read speeds that are slower on the blu-ray and cause an impact on the game.

Both formats have problems but as games are still easily in the dvd9 range its hardly an issue.

Disc swap or install. I've never had a problem with disc swap in the past so why start now?

And before you get onto next gen feature wasn't rumble last gen for you all and not necessary?

I would agree about your point on sandbox and multiple disc.
It is pos but would need any 360 owner who buys it to have a hdd.

I would say given how sandbox games have to be detailed in its area and the characters around and still run smoothly I don't see them taking more space than a dvd9 for a while.


i would agree with your comment about uncompressed data but it is also true about having to store the same data over and over again.

Also compressed doesn't mean it will look bad.

zo6_lover275633d ago

I agree with your comment for the most part except this

"More content if there's more content to the game.

Just because it holds 50GB doesn't mean the game size is 50GB.

It needs that extra space to store the same information over and over again to help with search and read speeds that are slower on the blu-ray and cause an impact on the game."

It doesn't need more space to store the same amount of data, its just that ps3 versions of games are uncompressed while 360 versions are.
360 versions have to run decompression software, ps3 versions don't

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Shaka2K65633d ago

R* needs the exclusive power of the Cell and Blu-ray to really create what they want without limits found on the last gen. xbox 180, it already happend with GTA4 im sure R* will not want to create games for this pathetic console ever again.

Xi5633d ago

because of development for the cell.

Rick Astley5633d ago (Edited 5633d ago )

That's funny. They started developing this game on the PS3 first. It's old news that L.A. Noire was (don't know if it still is, nothing's confirmed) PS3 exclusive.

It'll be the 360's DVD limit that will be holding back Team Bondi from making a truly huge game.

Xi5633d ago (Edited 5633d ago )

I just don't want this game delayed for PC because of ps3 development, like gta4 for the 360 was delayed because of ps3 development. (not to mention, had to be toned down, since the ps3 version ran at a lower resolution)

TUFFnNYC5633d ago (Edited 5633d ago )

You got to be kidding right? And the 360 was a saint while R* was developing GTA4. You must love those minor pop ins during gameplay as well. Be real bro. The 360 had problems as well. Do some research before you post.

Enjoy: http://news.filefront.com/r...

Both had equal problems.

Rick Astley5633d ago (Edited 5633d ago )

He won't bother doing any research. He didn't even know L.A. Noire was PS3 exclusive before he made that moronic comment lol. Or maybe he did but still he decided to prove to us how stupid a person can be.

Are you in denial about Sam (or was it Dan?) Houser claiming that the next GTA will be PS3 exclusive unless Microsoft finds a bigger storage solution on the 360? Do you honestly believe that GTA IV wasn't downgraded to fit on DVD?

360 fanboys are too funny. :)


Please take your time machine back to the last generation (don't forget to bring that DVD player with you) and stop ruining the "next-gen" experience for others.

Xi5633d ago (Edited 5633d ago )

I try to make comments that are relevent to what will be posted later on. Everyone of the ps3 defence force will come in here spewing BS about how the xbox dvd limited the ps3 version of GTA, and will do the same, guess what. THIS IS BULL, any cuts made to game size, was due to funding and time constraints, not due to technology. If you think otherwise you are clearly a fanboy.

Neither versions of the game were compromised for either console, however this site requires some balance of 360 bs vs ps3 bs, and I'll willing stand up for the challenge. So get you head out of your ass and untwist your panties.

As for this title, I am very excited for it and to hear people bash it because they love sony(of which I personally own 6k in stocks) and will follow them with blind allegience off a cliff ticks me off. Case and point, mr negativity and cahill.

tuffin, I'll play your game

there you go, proof that the ps3 version delays were due to the ps3, that the 360 version ran at a higher resolution, happy you little fanboy, as for your quote, mind giving me some pretext where it came from? OH RIGHT, OFFICIAL PLAYSTATION MAGAZINE, bias much?