Cemu developers don't know yet why the new Legend of Zelda is running slow

The recent video showed Breath of The Wild running on Cemu emulator at 10-15 frames per second. The developers don't know yet why the game is running slow.

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higgins781563d ago

Meanwhile Switch/WiiU owners are deep into said game.

1908-PB1563d ago

is that suppose to be a jab at PC gamers ? dude 300$ is nothing for me to spend when i want so the switch could be in my hand any time i please but i'm waiting for them to fix the emulator to 100% becuase i would love to see how this game will shine at higher settings plus 4k and that is some thing no switch owner is going to ever experience remember what happen with GTA 5 the worst versions came out first console and then the more advance version was released last becuase it had features that the rest didnt.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

It already shines as it is, from a gameplay quality perspective, and it looks really great too; you'd know that if you would just buy and play the game instead of obsessing over 4k.
Sounds to me like you're just making excuses to avoid paying to play it.

shadowfax331563d ago

the elitism is in full throttle!!

MrBrofist1563d ago

Jesus Christ, you may be a PC gamer buy your writing is piss poor!

Use some punctuations please!

1908-PB1563d ago

wonderfulmonkeyman---no i was actually going to go out and by the game and burn it to my rig if it was possible i grew up on Nintendo platforms so i actually have respect for them so i wasnt just thinking of pirating the game.

higgins781563d ago

You think the expense of getting ABOTW running at 4K justifies the means? We must be talking well over £1000 at this point.

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Nu1563d ago

Change WiiU settings to output at 720p, It'll fix the framerate issues

wonderfulmonkeyman1563d ago

And I hope they NEVER figure it out.

Goldby1563d ago

why so people who bought the game on Switch are forced to have 720P resolution, frame rate capped at 30fps (when in portable mode). Just because its being emulated doesn't mean its for piracy

wonderfulmonkeyman1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

Pff, dude, who are you trying to fool?
EVERYONE HERE with half a lick of common sense KNOWS that the majority of people who are users of emulators for current or recent-gen systems, use said emulators for playing games for free, away from a system they don't want to buy.
Not everyone is a Let's Player who only plays obscure or unobtainable-in-their-state games on PC because it's the easier/only way to record them.
Game emulators for systems still on the market are basically just piracy tools for the majority of users. Don't let people fool you into thinking otherwise.
It's why I stand against PS4 emulators as well, btw; I fully believe that if we should have to pay an entry fee to play those games, then so should pirates.

Derceto1563d ago

Too bad for you, they will.

drunkenspy0071563d ago

Don't get your logic; jealousy of those who know how to work a PC?

wonderfulmonkeyman1563d ago

Not even remotely, since I also play games on PC. Skyrim, for instance, as well as Dungeon Fighter Online and a select, but growing, list of others.
And not one of them has been pirated.