Top 10: Peter Moore's Most Shocking Xbox Revelations

Wired writes: "What was going through the heads of executives during the most controversial moments of the Xbox 360's and Sega Dreamcast's lifecycles?

While we might never know the full stories, the outspoken Peter Moore was at the center of both videogame systems' troubled beginnings and shocking announcements. Last year, Moore moved on from Redmond to assume the presidency of Electronic Arts' sports brand. Last week, he gave an almost unbelievably extensive interview to The Guardian, which ran the Q&A in five parts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Each installment contained at least one bombshell, as Moore gave a rare insider's look into situations like the killing of the Dreamcast (he says made the call, not the Japanese) and the Xbox 360's red-ring-of-death meltdown. There's a great deal of gold buried in the interview -- here's our picks for the Top 10 most shocking, revelatory, or just plain interesting comments."

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