N'Gai talks Gears 2, Little Big Planet and This Fall's Sales Winners

On the latest GearHeadsofWar podcast the well known and dedicated video game journalist N'Gai Croal joins GearHeads Of War to talk about everything in the gaming world including the following topics:

* The Summer of Arcade
* Microsoft's focus may be it will affect you!
* Who will win the following sales battles: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed v Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway; Fable 2 v Left For Dead; Rock Band 2 v Guitar Hero: World Tour and Gears 2 v Resistance 2
* No Gears 2 Review Event in New York???!!!
* Having played both Single and Multiplayer N'Gai discusses how Gears 2 will live up to the hype, as well as what he thinks it can do better.
* And yes, there's much much more...

Edit: The sound cuts out every now and again. That is because it was recorded over the internet and no way too fix it. The quality is still top notch.

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