Baja: Edge of Control Review (GameSpy)

Gabe Graziani: Let's face it, off-road rally racing is something that crazy people do. With "tracks" filled with hazards and constantly shifting road conditions, you have to be a complete maniac to get behind the wheel of any vehicle and expect to make it to the finish line intact, let alone the monstrous road-titans that make up a trophy truck league. Baja: Edge of Control captures this experience remarkably accurately, but whether or not that is a good thing depends on how much punishment you are willing to accept at the hands of ruthless rivals and tracks that seem to rejoice in flipping your ride. Baja is intensely challenging and you have to keep a lot of things in mind while whipping around sandy hairpin turns at 65 mph, but that makes it uniquely rewarding if you're up to that challenge.

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InMyOpinion4074d ago

Better score than I had expected.