Kotaku Crushes Their Own Credibility

Eric Schild writes: According to NeoGAF, CheapyD over at CAG challenged his users to make some awesome fake sh*t up to get a big site to just run with a story. Well, it worked. Obviously, anyone who has followed Kotaku for some time wouldn't really be surprised that they'll run with anything, particularly considering their rate structure for writers and the quality of their work. Both of which are, well, bad. But that's not even the best part, rather their response - which shines like a dying star:

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Rick Astley4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

When did Kotaku ever have any credibility to begin with? *confused*

Mr_Bun4074d ago

That is a very good point!

meepmoopmeep4074d ago

but... but.. but... they retract after a few days

Drekken4074d ago

Be careful what you say here. Kotaku is pro-360 and this site will not tolerate any bashing! Bubbles will be taken.

juuken4074d ago

Or disagree buttons slammed! =o

Drekken4074d ago

Juuken, I can deal with disagrees... I got bubble raped over the weekend! lol

I guess I was a little too cranky on Friday.

I bought a PS3 - I am happy with it. Quit trying to make us feel like we shouldnt have!!!!! I hate you people. :P

dro4074d ago

Kotaku !!!!!

bubbles on the house for every one(cuz the topic made me laugh so much) i just LMAO when i saw the head line...!!!!

like rick said "When did Kotaku ever have any credibility to begin with"!!!!!

Mr_Bun4074d ago

No matter how many times I try to give fellow PS3 owners a bubble, it never seems to work!

rosebowl234074d ago

completely agree. kotaku is one of the least credible sites out there.

meepmoopmeep4074d ago

i trust Kotaku with my life and find all information on their website to be accurate, trustworthy and legit.
this world would be crap if kotaku didn't exist.


VF34EJ254074d ago

Bruceongames is worse than Kotaku simply because he acts like he KNOWS anything about video games. Kotaku is just annoying.


Nah, you can burn some oil before fanboys take you now a days. If it was like one year ago or a bit more, then you would be totally bubble drained to say anything against 360.

Actually, today, the fanboys of the other side (PS3) will give you a run for your bubbles if you go anti-PS3.

Not pointing fingers on no one, I know I'm also a fan of a console (not really a fanboy through), just stating some facts.

bomboclaat_gamer4074d ago

drekken is a troll and should have all his bubbles taken away.

UltimateIdiot9114074d ago

What ever happen to Leigh Alexander? She was the only pro-Sony writer. I guess they want to be 100% 360 fanboy.

Gothdom4074d ago

You got the best agree / disagree ratio I ever saw...

I agree with your comment.

somethingSQUISHY4073d ago

You all do realize what site you're posting on, right?

As one who doesn't put any stock in any rumors, well, pretty much ever, the fact that a rumor on Kotaku turned out to be a joke doesn't bother me at all.

I go to Kotaku daily. It's a good read.

Long live my bubbles!!

dcbronco4073d ago

that a site that constantly approves articles seemingly written by 10 year fanboys would think Kotaku has a credibility problem.

RememberThe3574073d ago

i was thinking the same thing. She just vanished. She probably didn't talk enough sh*t. She was actually a good writer too. Oh well.

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Andras844074d ago

Maybe when they been running some 360 stories....they BS about PS3 all the time though.

lnfinite4074d ago

It's Clear Kotaku's Biased Reporting and Fake News Items are Hurting their Credibility and Potential Userbase,much like GameSpot,Kotaku are Now Seen as a Biased News Outlet that Only Succeeds In Shooting Itself In the Foot from their Erroneous and Fabricated Journalism.

Thank you Dusty for Providing News4Gamers,whilst your Moderation Staff is indeed Comprised of Biased Gamers,you have Provided Gamers with an Unbiased Gaming News Outlet that Rivals the Top Gaming Websites in the Industry.