Capcom Confirm Tokyo Game Show Lineup

Capcom have confirmed their line up for the Tokyo Game Show this year in Japan

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chaosatom4067d ago

just show us a badass monster from RE5 and I'll be happy.

Lucreto4067d ago

They are not showing Perfect Prosecutor:(

Bnet3434067d ago

Resident Evil 5 .... my GOTY for 2009 hands down .....

meepmoopmeep4067d ago

then you need to get a PS3 because we all know it's the superior version.

dachiefsman4067d ago

I wish they would come out with another onimusha. i love that series.

gunnerforlife4067d ago

nice i cant wait to get resi 5 but it really depends wats coming out on ps3 near it lol cuz like most of us i buy exclusive games more den multi ones a only got DMC5 and burnout that are multi.

Sitdown4067d ago

Devil May Cry 5? Or does DMC stand for something else?

Sitdown4066d ago

saying dag....I am slipping, cause I am missing the release of video games. I just order the DMC bundle so that I could revisit the games....actually I only played the first one, and never completed it.

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