Pure artificial intelligence

"When it comes to racing games," writes the Globe & mail, "my biggest gripe is the computer-controlled cars I race against. If I'm driving to the best of my abilities, hitting lines perfectly and braking in all the right places, my artificially intelligent opponents typically perform just as well, making it impossible to get more than a car length or two ahead of them. Then, if I happen to crash, the rest of the field usually slows to a crawl to let me catch up. Once I get within a few vehicles of the lead again, everyone else picks up the pace, and it's back to the first place stalemate. It's in turn humiliating and frustrating.

A much more satisfying racing game is one in which racing exceptionally well ends in a convincing victory, racing a little sloppily results in hard fought battles, and racing poorly places you so far back you can't even see the second to last place vehicle. These games are rare."

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