C&C Tiberium War Hands-on

Heavy firepower + all-out special effects = must-have 360 RTS. Read IGN's exclusive hands-on impressions for the full details.

Have you ever been in an all-out, balls-to-wall fight with a monstrous alien craft far more powerful and dangerous than your puny self and, through sheer luck, taken it down? In Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars, you're gonna get that chance.

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nice_cuppa5428d ago

i cant wait for this...that vid rocked.

the only bad thing i cab see is ea get money out of this.

HokieFan5428d ago

I love RTS game such as this, but I'm worried about the control issues without a keyboard / mouse. Has anyone played the Lord of the Rings RTS game on the 360? Is it easy to manage everything with just a controller?

BrotherSic5428d ago

RTS games have the same "cant be played on a console" myth as FPS shooter had during the early days.

I am stronger believer that you learn to adjust and soon it will become natural.

shotty5428d ago

I played lotr for the xbox 360, controls are fine after about 30 minutes of play time. I recommened running through the tutorial first, there is a demo on the marketplace to check out too.

HokieFan5428d ago

I never noticed the demo on marketplace before, thanks!

Anerythristic265428d ago

Good Point ! They actually ran blind trials for a FPS game (and abomination) called Shadowrun , the game is Live Anywhere enabled. According to the devs the PC gamers had no idea they were testing against console gamers , it took them a long time but I think they are finally getting it down.

DG5428d ago

The controlls werent as bad as I thought they would be. You get used to it. My only problem with BFME2 was it was slow and the grfx werent that great and Im not a fan of LOTR. But they seemed to fix that. My only gripe with the controlls was really that you had no short cuts.

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nice_cuppa5428d ago

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power of Green 5428d ago

Nice lighting and art. Looks Really next generation.

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