Sony President: "The World Has Underestimated Our Progress."

On May 9, Sony announced that the PlayStation 3 will launch on November 11 at around $500 US, and ever since the buzz has not died down. In an interview with Japanese newspaper NikkeiBP, Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi had some interesting things to report about the next-gen console.

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THELANDSOFSAND6607d ago (Edited 6607d ago )

There. It's a computer.

I wonder about this hardrive issue- Sony expect the average gamer to want to grab a screwdriver, break open the PS3 and change the hard drive with another PC one? The xbox just slots in and out on top...

and do they mean downloading small games like XBLA or full titles?

OutLaw6607d ago

I hope that more companies and not only Sony is going to have games out on release date. Because there is nothing from Sony except Heavenly Sword. I'm looking forward to and Heavenly Sword isn't a release game.

Anerythristic266607d ago

I can't even read Sony interviews anymore , it's like the boy who cried wolf! It all sounds like contradictions and lies. Especially the part of how launch titles will take full advantage of the hardware. Please stop the lies...please!

shoota336607d ago

yeah anything MS says is the truth everything sony says is a lie.

Anerythristic266607d ago

Where does it say I believe everything MS says. You have to admit they do lie less than Sony. As we speak they are tearing the machines specs apart piece by promise!

greenlynxx6607d ago

Don't display your ignorance by branding someone else a fanboy. And don't try and dodge the issue by calling names and bringing MS into the discussion. Have launch titles ever utilized anywhere near what the hardware is capable of? No! Does it look like this will change with the PS3 launch titles? You would have to either be an idiot to believe this or a liar. So which one is Ken? Neither look too promising.

achira6607d ago

sorry, but ms lies a lot more. some xrats are talking of sony trojans, but forgot that they use all the time windows. hahahaa such pathetic fools. what do you think ms does with its windows ??? you cant imagine how glassy you are.

Nic6607d ago

Hello dude dont u think he means be using all 7 SPEs of cell and etc, that that are taking full advantage of the hardware

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FamoAmo6607d ago

“The world has obviously underestimated our progress in software development. It’s likely that many shook their heads in disbelief at seeing the large number of titles actually working before their eyes.”

-Ken is on some BS!! A year later and we should be surprised that some games are actually working.. How about a working console??? Or should I say COMPUTER... This Ken guy sounds like a f@g!!

ps3willrule6607d ago

ya even i don't beleive that, these launch titles are not even coming close to the full potential....every developer praticallly says that. there just amazed about how many programs they can run with each processor at once..that is a lie i will admit....anyway i know that card game thing alot of people don't like i think its kind of cool jus because of the potential it could have with other games not the card game.....jus seeing the ineractivity and demonstration is kind of kewl and a big step from the old ey toy i can't wait to see what othe gammes there are for it.