120° 11 Things I Wish to Get on the Next Playstation 3 Firmware Upgrade

Here are 11 things we are probably NOT going to get on the next firmware update, but would sure love to get…

1. Background Copying/Installing/Downloading
2. MKV, SRT, SUB Support
3. Video Store Open for Everyone
4. Screen Capture Feature
5. Surf the Web While I'm In a Game
6. Ability to Create Folders
7. Background [email protected]
8. Ability to Invite Friends for Online Gaming
9. More Countries in Life With Playstation
10. Faster Trophies Servers
11. Why do we need the View All

Each item on the list is discussed in this article.

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meepmoopmeep4074d ago

i would like a sleep timer


iHEARTboobs4073d ago

Me too. I want my PS3 to sleep after i download and install something while i'm sleeping.

Oh and if it had my coffee ready in the morning when i awoke that'd be great. haha ;)

meepmoopmeep4073d ago

nah, the PS3 can't make coffee.

only the 360 can produce that much heat and MS has a patent for that.


Ateanboy4073d ago

No question about it... The author of this garbage is an imbecile.

1. Background downloading already exists.

2. Support for MKV, SRT, and SUB will most likely NEVER be implemented. Those formats are nowhere near mainstream enough for them to want to waste their time implementing it. Although, I must agree, support for MKV WOULD be nice... But, there's always 'PS3 Video 9' to convert those MKVs into MP4s. Which is what I do.

3. I'm not sure what he meant by that... Maybe he meant "open for all regions"??? Either way. No comment.

4. A "Screen Capture Feature" has already been implemented. It's up to the developers if they want to use it. The game "Flow" has a screen capture feature.

5. Again, you can already have a web-browser in games, it's up to the developers if they want to add it.

6. We already have the ability to arrange media into folders. It already exists.

7. Background [email protected]??? ......Are you serious? There is NO chance of that EVER happening... Lol. I'm still baffled this was even part of the list... Background [email protected]????? Lol...

8. Game Invites. Finally, the first good request on the wish list... I agree, Cross-Game Invites are probably the only thing missing from the PS3s features... And I am almost POSITIVE that it'll all come very soon. PlayStation Home will be only the beginning.

9. More countries in 'Life with PlayStation'? Yea, I'd be nice, and I'm almost definite that they're working on it as we speak.

10. Faster Trophy Servers? Yes. The problem is when people have 40+ trophies, that's when it starts taking more than 5 seconds to show up. "Faster trophy servers" WOULD be greatly appreciated.

11. Why do we need the "View All"???? Perhaps you should investigate for yourself. I, for one, use "View All" almost daily. Imma let you figure this one out by yourself. The greatest method to learning, is hands-on exploration. Go. Do it.

As a side note, if #4 and #5 he meant that he would like those features added to the XMB so that you could hit the PS button in a game and access the web browser, i am almost certain they will NEVER add this.

SPECTRUX4073d ago

You can arrange stuff in folders already. Press triangle on a file, go to information, and type in a name for "Album." Put the same name on other files albums, and they will be arranged in a folder under that title.

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Frulond4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

just select file the use triangle and then click on information, then on album type whatever you want and the system will create a folder with that name including the file/game/whatever

could be more simple tho, but PS3 already has it

this can be done for images, games/demos and music

all others are good and i'd love better flash version for internet browsing and MORE memory, hate when i get "the page can't be displayed / memory full" or something like that... to be honest i dont browse the web much on it anyways

Stryfeno24074d ago

WTF! That feature is last gen.

shadowghost7524074d ago

PS3 does support game invites for the majority of games.

You mean last-gen as in DVD-9?

King_many_layers4074d ago

that would about folding seems a little ridiculous to me, I thought that folding pretty much uses the cell completely to process the data ( something like that I believe ?? )

shadowghost7524074d ago

5. Surfing the web while i am in a game. What is the point of that, do people not know how to pause a game and wander over to their PC and go on the internet from there?

2. Video store open for everyone. This is inpractical and silly, Sony cannot do it now because they have to get a wide variety of LOCAL content for each company and then pass approval in each country, for Europe that is around 50 countries. Some people are impatient

Peow4073d ago

About your surfing web while in the game thing, you have a few factors to consider.

1. Laziness. Before I got a computer in my room, the only computer we had was down 2 flights of stairs and on the other side of the house(a very very big house) from my room. To find one little thing, quickly, on the internet and have to go that far is annoying. I used to be exhausted all the time from running back and forth.

2. What if(for some odd reason) the person has no internet capable computer, or its a younger kid or something and the parents have a password set on the only available computer?

I think that pretty much covers it.

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