Sony and HMV to partner for PS3 Launch has learned that Sony has chosen HMV as its official retail partner for the UK launch of the PS3.

Sony is due to announce full details of the European PS3 launch and price point next week - but sources have previously told that the 60GB model will hit the shops on March 23, priced at GBP 425.

Now a source has revealed that HMV will be Sony's official launch partner, with a special midnight event set to take place at the retailer's flagship Oxford Street store.

Neither Sony nor HMV would confirm the deal, with HMV games boss Tim Ellis telling, "There are no confirmed plans just yet with Sony regarding the launch of PS3."

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nice_cuppa5426d ago

i think sony need hmv + virgin megastores to sell only ps3 for the next year.

OutpostCommand5426d ago

What are you talking about ?
£425 is perfectly acceptable.

I can think of many less important things that are much more expensive.

shikwan5426d ago

It's always someone in the crowd who loves to get shafted!

zonetrooper55426d ago

Why in hell did they pick HMV, they should of picked Game or Gamestation as they are much cheaper than HMV. £425 is pretty expensive for a new console, unless your rich which it should be cheap for you.

super bill5426d ago

i can,t believe people are acharely paying that sort of money for a overrated must be laughing all the way to the must think you lot are a bunch of mugs.i know i do anyway.

Harry5426d ago

Well there isn't any market here for them anyway.

The casual gamer/graphics whore market has been snapped up by Xbox 360.

The only guys left are those blindly faithful to Sony.

nice_cuppa5426d ago

come launch you will see.

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