Free-To-Play Must Repair Tarnished Image

EDGE-Online editor Yoon Im writes:

"In recent days, there's been a lot of buzz about the Free-to-Play business model and how it's the latest and greatest thing for online PC games.

I totally agree with this, but truth be told, the Free-to-Play model entered into the US market around four to five years ago; so why the hype now? If Free-to-Play is indeed the next best thing for online PC games, why is it that so many major media outlets are reluctant to entertain story opportunities involving Free-to-Play games? Is this due to negligence on the part of the game publishers? Are they not effectively marketing their products? Or do the media outlets have a preconceived, tarnished outlook on the free-to-play industry itself? I think more likely than not it is the latter.

It is my personal opinion that the Free-to-Play industry needs to shape up and perform an overhaul on its image. While the various companies involved are independent of each other, they share a collective reputation as a whole."

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pcgia4076d ago

Well there will be a few free to play games coming out in the near future that should be pretty darn good.

2009 is when they will probably get released.

All these micro-transactions though are certainly getting annoying.