Thirteen New Screenshots of GTA Chinatown Wars

Beefjack com Provides: "The next batch of images have just been released .."

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nieto4069d ago

anybody cares about this crap? this game looks just as the GTA games that were on the ps1...

i think the snes could render better graphics than those. Lol ;-)

Shane Kim4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

So is this the famous GTA4 DLC? Mwahahah.

meepmoopmeep4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

sorry nintendo fans, but you don't have to be a genius to look at those screens
can clearly see that the PSP version is superior.


rev204069d ago

I bet it controls better on the ds and is more enjoyable ;)

meepmoopmeep4069d ago

nah, gaming on a ds for a long time cramps your hands.
the PSP version is by far more superior.


chanmasta4068d ago

... have you even played the game? NO!

So don't judge it by the graphics.

Beg For Mercy4069d ago

i guess it looks good for a ds game

PS360WII4069d ago

Honestly I don't know what you guys were expecting really. This is the DS and frankly they don't look to shabby. Plus we all should know better graphics don't make a better game. We can only play it ourself to see if it is a fun game. Which after reading some stuff about it looks like it's going back to their roots which made GTA so well liked before it went all mainstream. So in that regards GTA fans should be happy for this one and looking forward to it. Heck I don't even care for GTA but I might pick this one up

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