Xbox Japan needs stronger RPG line-up

From CVG: "Xbox Japan boss Takashi Sensui has said that strengthening the Xbox 360's RPG line-up is "a priority", after a surprising console sales boost on the back of role-playing titans from Namco-Bandai and Square Enix."

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Capt CHAOS5550d ago

Ah yes, about 5 years ago on the days of the xbox original.

Glad to see that people are finally wizening..

Stryfeno25550d ago (Edited 5550d ago )

Yes more, more, more...Bring out all of them on the 360.

RPGs = Japanese support.

DavidMacDougall5549d ago

And the only worth while one is on the ps3 and the flopbox gets a dumbed down version LOL HAHAHAHA

Silogon5549d ago

That's funny cause so does the Ps3 since they have NONE!!!!!

dktxx25549d ago

It has the only one that matters. Final Fantasy 13.

chaosatom5549d ago (Edited 5549d ago )

A) U don't own a ps3 and absoultely hate it and for some reason u don't sell it.

B) U only own a 360 and hate ps3.

C) U haven't played MGS4, uncharted, resistance.

D) U wanted to be reported off-topic.

on topic: Yes it does. Xbox needs saving. Not ps3. After Wii and when FFX13 gets released, people will to switch to ps3 obviously.

EDIT: I didn't log in, so I had to see his comment. :(

Palodios5549d ago (Edited 5549d ago )

And I've only got a ps3, but he has his point. the 360 has a really strong rpg lineup right now(pretty much everything tri-ace makes, MistWalker's stuff, Tales, etc). Its the Ps3 that is seriously lacking rpgs, the 360 has plenty, especially considering its audience. If FF13/VS gets published in Japan on 360, that would pretty much let the 360 dominate the ps3 in the genre completely.

Flops ''R'' Us5549d ago

More flops for the xbox console

CyberSentinel5549d ago (Edited 5549d ago )

"More flops for the xbox console"

...and NO GAMES for the ps3!

Hate all you want lemmings, NO SIMULTANEOUS releases for you!
We even took L.A. Noire from you.
Not to mention your beloved FF13.

Blind Lemmings, Get Left Out, Bye Haters!

nanometric5549d ago (Edited 5549d ago )

It's an embarrassment to PS3, that 360 excels in that department.

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I beat them all with my fists and no hits were taken. What do you mean you don't believe me? I used a guitar hero controller!!!

qalpha2d ago

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The_Hooligan1d 20h ago

I just made my character look like Chuck Norris.

qalpha2d ago

All the bosses are only from Dark Souls. No Bloodborne, Sekiro, Elden Ring, or Demon Souls