Night in the Woods Review: Returning Home - Two Left Sticks

Infinite Fall has finally released the Kickstarter funded Night in the Woods. The adventure game is full of fun and great dialog, though it has some issues.

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Jared8Randall2661d ago

This game seems like it has spunk, I can get on with that


Night in the Woods and Overland launch on PS5

The BAFTA-winning Night in the Woods and the post-apocalyptic strategy game Overland are now available on PS5.

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Nintendo Link's Favorite Game Soundtracks

The Never Yak recently had the idea that everyone who works with Nintendo Link should write a small piece on their favorite game soundtracks, and this is such a fun and eclectic collection.

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Five Games That Use Choice in Unique Ways

Here are five games that use choice in interesting ways. Because of the agency they give players, all of these are good examples of how games can interact with the player, and where games can go as a truly interactive medium.

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