Horizon's Greatest Moments Are Hidden In The Cauldrons

Horizon: Zero Dawn is a game about discovery. As Aloy emerges from her sheltered adolescence to a brutal world, the ruthless forces of nature force innovation. Players are left to perpetually discover new gameplay techniques – combining loot, skills, and ideas into attack strategies. Yet for all of the options offered to players, I found … Continue reading Horizon’s Greatest Moments Are Hidden In The Cauldrons

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PixelGateUk1736d ago

The art direction is awesome

Cmv381736d ago

And hardest moments. This game is pretty amazing.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1736d ago

I really didn't expect this game to be this good, but goddamn, IT'S REALLY, REALLY GOOD!!!!

1736d ago
FyBy1736d ago

Yeah I agree cauldrons are good to growing up in combat tactics. In the final arena you really learn how to dodge - shot - dodge and to selectively destroy certain enemies to focus on another ones later. I can definitely recommend going through cauldrons. Also for the fact of big reward at the end (wont spoil it for you now). Later on missions I was pushed also to my limits, but it was also arena type fight with one big ugly beast.

Sometimes I enjoy stealth fighting, sometimes I just run through, sometimes I convert machine on my side and fight along them, sometimes I use sharpshoot bow and attack from distance, sometimes lay on traps and lure them into....and so on. Really, its fun to fight in Horizon, you can choose everytime from at least 2-3 strategies depending on environment and enemies.

At first it seems similar like other open world games (far cry, tomb raider) but in fact its similarity lies only in open world, camps, some rpg elements, but otherwise for me personally hzd is much more funier,deeper and rewarding.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1736d ago

Amazing game, which everyone should play or wish they could play. The cauldrons are my favorite areas so far but i'm not real far into it yet.

EverydayJoe1735d ago

I just did my first one last night, and thought to myself "Now here is a really interesting deviation from quest, side quest and errand format". I love the game, and the deeper I get into it the more I am enjoying it.

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