Play: Infinite Undiscovery Review

Infinite Undiscovery is not a bad RPG at all, it won't convert people to the genre but it provides a great stop gap for RPG fans while they wait for Fable 2, Last Remnant, Final Fantasy XIII, et al. If a few niggles had been corrected such as the slightly dull fighting and vague directions, or the off/on voice acting that makes you wonder if the sound has suddenly cut out (it hasn't, for some reason, only bits of conversations have voice acting), this game really could have been something a bit special.

However, as it stands, it's still much like my All-you-can-eat Chinese Buffet; good but not quite right. But that doesn't stop a fan gorging on it, it'll still hit the spot if you like the style. Just don't let the initial first couple of hours put you off... it is a struggle but it ends up being just about worth it.

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