Super Growing Pains: Are Video Games Bad for Comics?

Albert Ferrer writes:

''Superhero comics, rife with larger-than-life characters, mythology, and good versus evil, seem like an ideal source for adaptation to film and interactive entertainment. The stories can be complex, even thought provoking, and through the skilled artistry of illustrators and colorists, these elements are realized in the intricately composed panels of a comic book.

The licensing of superhero stories has spawned a slew of comic-based movies and games, but in doing so, has created a limited take on itself, one defined by rigid comic-to-movie-to-game adaptations, button-mashing brawlers, mindless "sandbox" destruction, and two-player fighting games -- or perhaps a combination of them all.

In the process of licensing the IP down this chain, the essence of what initially made these comic books and characters so engrossing to readers, unfortunately, takes a back seat. And it's often completely subsumed by the restrictions and limitations of the entertainment business. So is the nature of the beast.''

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