Top 10 PS4 Exclusive Games That PC/Xbox Gamers Wish They Had

Playstation 4 has been absolutely knocking it out of the park since release, and things are looking even more promising for it in 2017.

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chrisx2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

All must play titles and that's why a lot of xboners are jumping ship to the PS4 side. Only the hardcore xboners will miss these and the PC hardcores who keep making petitions to have PS4 exclusives, not gonna happen. Get a PS4 if u want the best experiences. Nioh is a beast! Looking forward to spiderman and Last of us 2

bouzebbal2686d ago

PS4 is really a no brainer and those who say otherwise are either trolls or they don't know what PS4 is.
Second console of choice is WiiU. having a blast on MK8 or Splatoon 2 on FREE online :)
Playing Zelda in full glory, being able to switch between gamepad gameplay and TV with a finger touch, all opposite of switch that you should get up to dock/undock it for the occasion.

bouzebbal2686d ago

sorry, typo mistake with splatoon (2).

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Krussail2686d ago

Sony really did well to focus on getting good exclusives on the PS4 this gen!

XXanderXX2686d ago

Second hand market nothings is missed and still no direct support . ha haha

DashArrivals2686d ago

I have no idea what the F*&K you're talking about

XXanderXX2686d ago

@Dash I hate PS /Sony brand and since I don't see myself supporting anything of theirs so the second hand market allows me to still enjoy its games with me knowing I didn't support them .

Mr-Dude2686d ago

You hate the Sony brand? Did they kill your dog? I don't like the MS brand, but I don't hate it. It's more that I don't like their CURRENT game franchises, but hate...

Anyway, good luck with that.

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TheOptimist2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Honestly, there is no game apart from HZD, NIOH and Persona 5 which interest me as a PC gamer.

Krussail2686d ago

Bloodborne is actually pretty damn good. And no matter how much people say the RoTR is a good replacement for the Uncharted series, there's just something else about the UC series.

TheOptimist2686d ago

I have played Bloodborne for about a few hours at a friend's house. It wasn't much different from Dark Souls. Felt more like a faster version of Dark Souls. As for the ROTR and Uncharted comparison, I don't like either of those games.

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Dragonscale2686d ago

Not much different to the souls games is why the petitions lol.

TheOptimist2686d ago

Hmm... I wonder what is wrong if someone wants to play any game on his/her platform of choice? I mean sure, it's well worth the try I guess, if they don't want to bend to the corporate greed of Sony/MS who provide platform exclusive games just for selling black boxes to justify a purchase.

See, I am a pro consumer and maybe I have the money to spend 2000$ to spend on a PC+PS4+Switch for a complete gaming experience, but I don't support it and not all people have that kind of spening ability. But then there are people who support this business by justifying "Consoles need exclusives to stay alive", which is extremely dumb from the consumer standpoint because it's anti consumer. I would like a universal platform for games. Why not? It's pro consumer, I don't have to spend a king kong amount of money to enjoy all games. Anyone consumer who supports exclusivity is not a gamer, he is a fanoy.

Chevalier2685d ago

So you can afford say a $800 graphic card, but, not a $300 system? Yeah makes sense. Then suggest exclusives are anti consumer when PC is king of exclusives? So your petty and think everything should be served to you on a silver platter? Thanks for reminding us why PC gamers are spoiled rotten.

TheOptimist2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Nope. I can afford it. I just recently got the PS4, just for those 3 games. Will sell it or give it off to a friend after playing those. When did I say PC is king of exclusives? Don't force words into my mouth. Shows how spoiled rotten Sony ponies can be. It depends on tastes from individual to individual. If someone is an RTS fan, why would he buy a console? If someone is a fighting game fan or a sports game fan, why would he get a PC? But if there is someone who wants to get new experiences, a person like me, who likes games from Age of Empires to CSGO to ARMA to Demon's Souls to Persona to almost any genre, I will have to spend 2000$ just to play all games. Also PC gamers are not the ones crying if some of their franchises go multiplat. Remember the outcry regarding DMC coming to other platforms from the PS fans? You people are petty because of your "Moiiii Precioussssss Exclusives"..... Most PC gamers just want to play games on a preferred platform.

Chevalier2685d ago

I never said you said anything. I said that PC is king of exclusives, learn to read. It doesn't matter if its your preferred platform, there will ALWAYS be exclusives. Might as well complain that water is too wet or something equally stupid. If you have a PS4 then the point is proven, you want exclusives you buy the platform. Like you said if you want an RTS you get a PC. I got a PC to play Total Wars Warhammer and all the visual novels only available on Steam for example. I didn't whine about single platform, I just got a PC. But here you guys are here complaining about something you can afford to give away. So just consider how entitled and stupid you sound. It's pretentious and pompous. Just reading your idiotic response is enough to confirm that.

TheOptimist2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Yeah right. That's the reason ain't it. Rich people don't whine and rich people tell others not to whine. Good way to silence by calling it whining when the actual problem is something else. I am not entitled to anything, but I have a few friends who can only have either, I am not whining for myself, I am not whining that I don't have a game or platform, but I value friends over such petty stuff. I want to play Nioh with a friend who doesn't and can't afford a PS4 because. We played Dark Souls in co-op and I simply can't play Nioh because it's a PS4 exclusive. He has a half decent PC that he made out of scraps and plays. And before you say, why he got a PC instead of a console, lemme tell you that in a country like India, people don't see gaming consoles in a very high light, so buying a PC is more like an educational venture for most parents and a gaming venture for most people. So yeah, if he had it on PC, we could have co-oped it on our PCs. Even when people grow up, consoles aren't exactly a popular device because they are much costlier than PCs. Exclusives divide the fanbase and players and are only pro business, and purely anticonsumer.

Chevalier2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Well that's too bad isn't it? I'm not rich either, I work my butt off, save money and make purchases. I'm not here complaining about what I don't have, I appreciate what I do and work to earn enough to get the others in time. Gaming is a luxury not some sort of privilege.

" I want to play Nioh with a friend who doesn't and can't afford a PS4 because"

Again, boo hoo, didn't you say you were going to gift your PS4? Seems you're well off then why don't you give it to this friend? How about giving your old computer parts to your friend building his scrap computer? But right you going to whine about 'anti-consumerism', dude gaming is a LUXURY, kind of goes hand in hand with being a consumer. Jeez first world problem as they say. Didn't you say you have $2000 for PC and PS4?

TheOptimist2685d ago

GG...... Gift my PS4 and give it to him.... And then play Co-op on my imaginary PS4? *Claps slowly*

Chevalier2685d ago

Honestly it sounds like your current PS4 is also imaginary. If you want to so badly play with your friend then either buy him one or gift him yours and get a new one. It's not rocket science. How stupid are you? If you have this so called $2000 PC, spending $250 to gift your friend doesn't seem to impossible. In fact case in point, my friends girlfriend is in university and can't afford much, so 4 of my friends and her boyfriend chipped in and bought her one! Maybe figure out your own priorities and what you can do for your friend and come to a solution instead of complaining about how everyone you want to play with can't afford it. Being well off maybe you can help these 'friends'.

Heck my friends just bought me a 3 TB hard drive for my PS4 for my birthday. Honestly you are all over the place, figure your own crap out buddy! You sound like a shitty friend. Maybe I'm wrong. But yeah instead of doing something to get what you want you want to sit and slow clap and be an idiot, all the power to you! Way to not get what you want! Enjoy slow clapping by yourself.

TheOptimist2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Hahahahahahahahahaha,........ You dunno anything about the country that's why you are saying all this. Don't really blame you. A PS4 over here is about 454$ right now and 606$ for the PS4 Pro. I don't have a 2000$ PC. Read carefully, I said 2000$ for all systems. And we have to pay extra taxes. A GTX 1070 which is about 400$ comes here for 530$. It's the case with all hardware. NOt really the same as USA, where everything is discounted by the end of 6 months.

As for the friends, only if we had a boyband that could contribute about 400$ plus other stuff. I am myself not a rich guy, just a guy who happens to have worked hard and gotten something. I am not really rich. I upgraded my PC after 6 years and got a console after nearly 12 years (My last console being GBA). Saved up all that time, sold some of my stuff and then got it. Sorry, but you need to stop judging people without knowing much about their situations.

Chevalier2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Uh.... well guess what? I'm not American either genius. I don't live in the U.S. either. What part of gaming is a LUXURY did you NOT understand? I work my butt off to buy my systems as well. Complaining does NOT change the fact that gaming isn't some privilege like you seem to think it is.

Exclusives will ALWAYS be a draw for big companies. Both the biggest players in the industry for consoles in Playstation and Nintendo have the biggest fan bases because of their exclusive content. Go on and keep complaining like an entitled brat won't change that.

Facts of life is this, if playing with your friends is so important, then guess what buckle down and make it happen, because no one else will! Your the one who suggested that you would gift your PS4.

Remember saying and I quote: " or give it off to a friend after playing those"

Seems rich that someone who can gift off a PS4 can't therefore help their friend get one so he can play games together. If it's that important as you suggest then you have it in your power to make it happen. Instead now your backtracking and making excuses about why it's not going to happen.

Also newsflash you suggest MS and PS brands investing heavily into their own ecosystems is anti-consumerism, well guess what? If we ONLY had one platform and no competition between them we wouldn't have the the GoW, TLOU, Horizon, Halo, Forza franchises because they wouldn't need to draw them to one platform would they? They specifically created these franchises as a drae to their platform. One platform is in fact also anti consumerism because your suggesting LESS platform options is good for customers somehow? Seems contradictory now doesn't it?

Dragonscale2679d ago

@chev, tbh he just comes across like a salty xbox fanboy p155ed that xbone 'exclusives' are now available on pc and thinks Sony should do the same. Exclusives are partly why PS4 is currently dominating hence the butthurt.

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Deep-throat2686d ago

Hopefully they'll deliver bro.

Dragonscale2686d ago

They already have, in spades.