Bungie teases new Halo

CVG: Confirms next game is tied to Master Chief universe.

Halo developer Bungie has started up its next game's teaser campaign (again), after the originally planned reveal was blocked by Microsoft earlier this year.

The now infamous 'superintendent' has appeared on the front of Bungie's website, backing up rumours that the mysterious game could be revealed as soon as this week.

The developer has also confirmed for the first time that the new game, which carries the tagline "keep it clean", does indeed take place in the Halo universe.

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meepmoopmeep4074d ago

maybe a 3rd person Halo game.
that would be cool.

Dmitry Orlov4074d ago

Hope it'd be cool :)
More grenade sticks FTW!

rosebowl234074d ago

maybe Halo pinball.

you know its going to sell millions because theyll spend billions marketing it. mcdonalds halo happy meal and a coca cola halo flavor. look out for it!

theEnemy4073d ago

Halo : Begins

but still on DVD9

Capt CHAOS4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

leave it alone.

Nineball21124073d ago

You'd better, seeing as how you don't have much of a choice.

theEnemy4072d ago

well you don't have a choice am I right ?

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enjoi1874074d ago

ahhhh the game that outsells them all...again... i have seen more used MGS4 at any gamestop then halo 2 and 3 after 1 week of MGS release.. anyways this site sucks all it does is rag on Microsoft.. even though they are posting and the site was probably made using windows...and this site is over run with hentai loving creepy ps3 fans...last time i visit this peice of sh!t web site

meepmoopmeep4074d ago

good riddance.
talk is cheap.

DarthTigra 4074d ago

Good one last troll to deal with.

Pain4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

they chose the wrong side and now your left alone defending your Yankee box 2

and on Topic, yay another halo game whoopee.. what now more vague story? boring generic PC FPS play?

Halo Sold cuz its more or less only reason anybody BUY a XBOX for HALO.

and btw way you can thank APPLE for finding Bungie only to have Billy Steal another Apple find.

and Good buy take the other idiots with you. pp your going to miss your ride!!

LeonSKennedy4Life4073d ago

Gamestop is only allowed to stock 12 copies of Halo 3 on the shelves at a time. We can only do 12 copies of a game at a time.

Ask them how many copies they have in total.

It may surprise you.

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Merritt4074d ago

You get to play a janitor on one of the gigantic spaceships. It gets attacked and all the plumbing breaks. You then have to clean the entire ship from top to bottom, hoping the pipes don't break again.

meepmoopmeep4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )


EDIT: "keep it clean"

Merritt4074d ago

In all honesty though, maybe this game will start off at the beginning of the war. Before the spartans and show us all how it happened or began. We'll see I suppose.

kittoo4074d ago

I thought Halo wars was doing this job. Isnt this the case?

Lyan4074d ago

Merritt, I think it is more likely to be centered around a dysfunctional AI that oversees a civilization/community/city. The quotes that they keep repeating, in my opinion, is probably just the propaganda it would normally broadcast, think HL2 or (more appropriately) Marathon. This may be a tie in with the end of Halo 3 where the ship was falling into a giant metal type planet, which from what I understand was basically where Marathon starts off.

All speculation on my part, but still an idea. We'll see soon enough though.

Spydiggity4074d ago

The covenant don't show up til after the Spartan II program begins. but i could see it being the battle that takes place on Reach. But that would mean no master chief.

LeonSKennedy4Life4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

Bubbles for such a great interpretation. That was genius.

Also, I'll give you bubbles tomorrow for having a Chic-Fil-A Avatar.

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ps360s4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

Interesting, can't wait for it's unveil...

Hopefully it will be a big step up from Halo 3...not saying Halo 3 is bad (I own Halo 3 and it was good) but since we seen Resistance 2 and Gears 2, the next Halo has to be bigger (graphics+gameplay) since this title is a huge franchise.

EDIT: dachiefsman: I understand gameplay>graphics but this next Halo has to be Graphics+Gameplay if you look at what R2 & Gears 2 or even Killzone 2 is doing for "next Gen" then the next Halo title has to top it, Bungie has to go to their limits for the next Halo or else we will be seeing the same game with different weapons+story+enemies only! not saying it's a bad thing but comon in all truthness you all would love for it to top all shooters in all areas!

dachiefsman4074d ago

gameplay > graphics

The amount of content they were able to fit into Halo 3 is really amazing if you think about it.

Sure the graphics aren't visually impressive as MGS4, but the whole game is the total package.

meepmoopmeep4074d ago

yeah, but this isn't the next "real" Halo.

that'll be out on the 720 no doubt.

Richdad4074d ago

This halo is would look better than Gears 2, thats bound. Halo3 Bungie developed it from 2003 and they wanted huge space in 512 MB Ram but now those limits are dead.

Serjikal_Strike4074d ago

The only reason you dont see many used halo games at Gamestop is cuz they'll only give you $3 - $5 for you might as well hang on to that garbage as to MGS4 they were giving you $35 dollars!