EA confirms yesterday's Battlefield leak

In the wake of yesterday's report on a highly likely booster pack in the pipeline for Battlefield 2142, EA has been quick to confirm that yes, the pack exists.

Northern Strike "contains new content to expand the war for the survival deep into the frigid wastelands of Europe", the publisher's said. The booster pack features the likes of three new maps, new vehicles and 10 new unlocks available to players through both standard and field unlock systems.

EA's gone on to say a full announcement on Northern Strike is due today - presumably it'll contain the same information posted yesterday - along with a trailer.

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nice_cuppa5231d ago

its taking a while today.
q1. do you have to get permission from original sources ?

g2. i notice allot of multiple posts.
how much does it annoy you that people dont check the site before posting ?

q3. if yellow was a food would you eat it ?

Antan5230d ago

Approved doesn`t really matter to alot of people anyway as they can still see the articles. The mods do a fine job already approving what goes and what stays.

BIadestarX5230d ago

I purchased this game just like any other battlefield games. Dissapointing.