WorthPlaying Preview - 'MotoGP 08'

WP writes: "Discussing the MotoGP franchise can be a bit confusing because of the weird way the licenses were handled in past years. Depending on the year, the MotoGP license was in the hands of different developers, ranging from Namco-Bandai to Capcom. In fact, in 2007, rather than the MotoGP titles all being done by a single developer or one of those developer's offshoots, different systems had different developers. MotoGP 07 was released by Capcom on the PlayStation 2 and THQ on the Xbox 360, leading to two different game experiences with the same year and the same brand! Things have changed for 2008, however, and for MotoGP 08, development for all systems is in the hands of Capcom, allowing for each system to have a more streamlined and predictable approach. From what you've played, MotoGP fans shouldn't worry, since Capcom seems to be doing a fine job with the license."

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