Game Pass - The Beginning of the End?

Will Microsoft's Game Pass bring a new wave of gamers to Xbox, or a new way for companies to charge us?

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annoyedgamer2464d ago

Only if you let them. If games become exclusive to the service, that's when we should get worried.

Nyxus2464d ago

Agreed, as kong as it's optional it's fine, but they shouldn't force you to use this service by putting exclusive games on it.

UCForce2464d ago

This is something I agree with.

ninsigma2464d ago

I can't see that happening because there's no way gamers would stand for it.

Nyxus2464d ago

Unfortunately I wouldn't be so sure, judging by some of the comments and disagrees here: http://n4g.com/news/2026954...

Derceto2464d ago

You give "gamers", far too much credit.

agent45322463d ago

The only time gamers stood up was during the Xbox One launch fiasco but after seeing how console gamers cave in to pay to play online, ok with microtransanctions in $60.00 games, gave in to pay $60.00 for last generation games, defended to the death star wars battlefront reboot, are ok now with upgradeable consoles. Believe me console gamers will be the first to cave in to this. Their track record proves it.

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UCForce2464d ago

The problem is that Digital is taking over which I'm not very happy about it.

Goldby2464d ago

well digital isn't the issue as long as we are recognized as owning the digital content, to the point i can sell it back to Sony or MS after i'm finished with it, i don't like how digital is currently, owning a license as long as Sony/Ms/Nintendo/Steam feels you deserve to own it.

agent45322463d ago

You are going to be very mad in 2020 when consoles become tv apps 😎

Mystogan2463d ago

Of course its taking over. Its the future. If it were for people like you we would still be buying VHS.

Aenea2463d ago

Oww god, I can already see it "only on Xbox Game Pass!"....

agent45322463d ago

That's the problem gamers let them do as they please. Instead of uniting we are very individual towards gaming.

XXanderXX2463d ago

Don't think games will become exclusive to the service , but do believe that games on the service will have extra content like the other exclusive deal used between platforms .

Goldby2463d ago

and that will be the start of the downfall of the gaming industry.

the second they put content behind that paywall is the second the gaming industry and who ever is in charge of that "service" officially states they don't give a F* what happens to the industry and all they are looking for is ways to take our money

XXanderXX2463d ago

@Goldby so you are against platform maker paying for content to lure consumers to buy or use their service , cause its been going on for sometime now and the industry is still standing.

Mystogan2463d ago

How can it be exclusive when you can buy the game off of it? They'll even give you 20% off for doing exactly that.

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OB1Biker2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Please subscribe...
One is enough thanks. Wouldnt mind if they improve PS+ accordingly though

2463d ago
Derceto2464d ago

Always expect the worst, and be wary of any change brought on. These companies do not invoke change out of the goodness of their hearts. Period.

ItMatters2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Game pass
EA access
Play anywhere
Backward compatibility
Scorpio (for the people that care about power but are console only gamers)
These are all reasons that more people will join for. This generation is gonna go on for 4-6 more years and I just don't see Ps4 selling double what it has already.
The exclusives argument won't matter. Yes you have great exclusives coming out for PlayStation like always, but all the people that would be interested in the exclusives already have a PS4 or PS4 Pro.
Uncharted 4 is the best selling exclusive on ps4 it's sold 10 million on that install base of 60 million. Where exactly are all these other gamers going to come from ? Saturation has just about been reached. Ps4 used to sell a million more per month than Xbox but that was a long time ago and now Xbox one s beats the ps4, ps4 slim, and ps4 pro when you do 1 on 1, if Sony didn't lump the numbers together Xbox would win every month in the us as of the launch of the Xbox one s.
Xbox has everything going for it in the next 5 years and more reasons for NEW people to jump into Xbox than PlayStation.

WeAreLegion2464d ago

You really don't have a grip on reality, do you?

ItMatters2464d ago

Simple insults don't affect me.

Goldby2463d ago


Clearly common sense doesn't either

2464d ago
OB1Biker2463d ago

Yes ItMatters 🎅
You remind me of that journalist who was saying Uncharted 4 will NOT sell many PS4s because people who wanted a PS4 already had one 🤦
Same thing was said about HZD.
The fact is big exclusives are very important in the marketing and you cant even imagine how much buzz SpiderMan is going to catch in its web.

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uth112464d ago

Not a fan- when companies can get a guaranteed income in the form of subscriptions, they no longer need to work as hard to earn our money.

GorillaTact2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

How does an optional service equate to "guaranteed income"? I think sublimely you realize what a great value the service is but don't want to say so.

Goldby2463d ago

they are offering you games you either have already bought, played and sold, games you bought played and still own or games you never planned on buying as a service to you for 10$ a month. unless they are putting exclusive content behind it, all they are doing is giving cash to those companies and clicking which games apply. aka SOOOOOOOO MUCH WORK....

instead fo throwing cash not onl;y at developers for gams with gold, and BC and now game pass, MS shoulod ahve used that cash for... ohhh whatys the word im looking for, right studios and IPs. but nope, they dont like investing in any form of risk and only put money into things that is guarenteed to make them money in the end.

Kerppamaister2464d ago

What? Look at Netflix. It was bearly worth one month when it began now they're making their own shows which are excellent quality.