Mass Effect: Andromeda 4K vs. 1080p Screenshot Comparison On PS4 Pro

Check out a comparison between native 4K and 1080p for Mass Effect: Andromeda on the PS4 Pro.

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KionicWarlord222644d ago

Title should actually say 1800 checkboard vs 1080p ps4. I also dont understand why these 1080p shots are so blurry versus the 4K. My only conclusion is that Bioware are not using better textures because we have seen many games on titles with better textures than that even in lower resolutions like Battlefield 1.

freshslicepizza644d ago

they should show ps4 pro shots and 4k pc shots to compare.

Spenok644d ago

I like this idea as well. Just for comparisons sake. I'll still buy it on the Pro though.

SolidGear3644d ago

That would make more sense.

Ashlen644d ago

Or how about Pro shots vs Xbox shots. Compare the consoles.

freshslicepizza644d ago

"Or how about Pro shots vs Xbox shots. Compare the consoles."

xbox one is 900p, ps4 is 1080p and ps4 pro is 1800 checkerboard. scorpio might be native 4k which is why i want to see the difference since so many think they can't tell between 1800 checkerboard and native 4k.

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Darkwatchman644d ago

That wouldn't necessarily work because due to the way checkerboard rendering works, when taking still shots or looking at a still scene pixels match 1:1 to a 3840x2160 pixel grid. So technically, calling them native 4K screenshots isn't exactly lying

freshslicepizza644d ago

the game runs at 1800p checkerboard rendering on the ps4 pro, it isn't native 1800p or native 4k (2160) either.

KionicWarlord222644d ago (Edited 644d ago )

Dont know what your talking about

"Recently the Frostbite Labs developer Graham Wihlidal talked about the checkerboard rendering solution that they utilized for Battlefield 1 and Mass Effect: Andromeda on the PS4 Pro at GDC 2017. The reason developers have opted to render at 1800p CB resolution instead of native 4K or 1800p is simply because of the fact that the performance takes a hit with a higher rendering resolution. However thanks to some of the features like FP16 and rendering methods provided by the PS4 Pro, the developers have the ability to render at 1800p without sacrificing much of the image quality or performance."

There faking 1800p not 4K.

Sevir644d ago

Irregardless of faking it or not Checkerboard rendering when the image is static and not moving Matches 1:1 on the grid the very same way a native image does... The reason why Native 4k or any native resolution is cleaner than most checkerboard rendering is because the they maintain their image quality when in motion without showing artifacting and shimmering of edges...

This is why Developers employ temporal anti aliasing solutions in a addition to aggressive frame locking post processing techniques, this is exactly how GG was able to Completely map HDZ to 1:1 match with checkerboard rendering at 2160p without shimmering or blurred edges in motion.

Argue it all you want though, Scorpio uses checkerboard rendering as well. So you'll be getting fake resolutons as well.

KionicWarlord222644d ago

Im not arguing a damn thing.

This is directly from Bioware. They said they are checkboarding 1800p like they did battlefield.

Seems your just trying to damage control a factual presentation now? O__O


Kribwalker643d ago

There is no sense in arguing with them. Bioware has already come out and stated 1800p checker board. The same website did an article about it, yet, it's saying it's native 4k.

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kowan644d ago

The shots are blurry because they are zoomed way in.

nowitzki2004644d ago

yeah i hope he doesnt think thats a full screen from the game lol.

KionicWarlord222644d ago

There blurry because those are the textures of the 1080p object on ps4.

Bioware took the same shot and compared it to the ps4 pro counterpart

If you zoom on ps4 pro that doesnt look blurry.

They have some lower quality textures in mass effect versus battlefield 1 that is obvious.

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dadavis1992643d ago

Uh.. It has nothing to do with texture resolution. Those shots are blurry because they are small portions of a screenshot blown up larger for the sake of screen resolution comparison. A 1080p screenshot has fewer pixels than an 1800p checkerboard screenshot so it can't be blown up quite as large without becoming blurry :)

shloobmm3643d ago

they are blurry because they are zoomed in. On a standard tv when playing it wont be like that and wont be very noticeable.

Ju642d ago

The extra sharpness and subtle more detail is in fact very visible.

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Meltic644d ago

My 1080ti next week will kick ass in 4k with this game

_LarZen_643d ago

Yeah but for a completely different price.

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strangerthings1995644d ago

So its using checkerboard rendering just to get to 1800p? It'll probably be mostly native 1440p which is pretty underwhelming for an upgraded version.I'll be buying it for my 970 then.I can use custom res @ native 1800p.

nowitzki2004644d ago

why would you get it for the ps4 if you have a PC with a 970? I only get MP 3rd party games to play with friends for PS4. But mass effect is an easy choice for PC.

Ashlen644d ago

Well it's still better than the Xbox version.

Condemnedman643d ago

yes until the Scorpio version arrives

Ju643d ago

1800P CB. It has nothing to do with 1440p. The pixel fidelity will be practically 1800p, far beyond 1440p.

strangerthings1995642d ago

Well first off, i'm getting it for $42 for PC and secondly, I would trust straight up native 1800p over checkerboard.I'm sure you're right and will still look impressive.

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