Sony and Toshiba to begin mass producing 45nm cell processor in 2009

Japan's Nikkan is reporting that Sony and Toshiba will begin mass production of the 45nm Cell processor in 2009 -- not this autumn as previously rumored. The smaller chip which cost less than the current 65nm Cell to manufacture also require 40% less power to run. This opens the door to possible price drops on existing PS3 consoles in 2009 as well as slimmer, cooler running rigs should Sony decide to refresh the industrial design.

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juuken4075d ago

That's excellent news.

And I have a feeling Sony will take advantage of that.

Part of the reason why the PS3 was expensive was because of the technology they used in the system. Sony risked an arm, a leg, and a head to deliver a well made product.

Raoh4075d ago

2009 price cut here we come..

or if they are willing to bet on profit gain in 2009 they can take a larger profit cut now and cut some prices during this holiday..

risky.. but not out of the question.. convincing stock holders would probably be the hard part

Marty83704075d ago

I think Sony will cut price of PS3 after the holiday season, maybe around March 09. That's the period that sales are slow.

cahill4075d ago

so ps3 will be priced at 300$ next year

well done SONY