FFXIII Interview: Development Progress Update In the interview they reassure Playstation 3 owners that their version of Final Fantasy XIII hasn't been delayed at all and that the Xbox 360 version won't even be started until the PS3 release is burned to Blu-ray. As well as that, Kitase has given an update on the progress of development stating that the Scenario for Final Fantasy XIII is complete and the Artistic Side is 80% complete. The full interview is available to view in the scans.

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NO_PUDding4071d ago

So it seems like the PS3 version is back to timed exclusive?

Like Star Ocean and Last Remnant will be.

Somnus4071d ago

Not exactly. They're talking about the Japanese release and they won't be getting a 360 version at all. In a way it's a timed exclusive because it's coming out in Japan first but it's a bit of a stretch to try and claim that.

coolfool4071d ago

why would they talk about the japanese version to an Australian magazine? They did know who they were being interviewed by, right?

gaffyh4071d ago

@coolfool - Yeah that's exactly what I was thinking, why talk about no delay to the Japanese version of the game to an Australian magazine?

Also I remember a while ago (like a week after the multi-platform announcement), that gameplayer posted up an article saying why the PS3 version of the game won't be delayed in US/EU, because basically what MS is saying and Square are saying don't match..anyway they gave this magazine as proof (he said something like it will be in a later issue of OPM Australia).

Hentai4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Wow, another repetitive interview. Seriously, are the media outside of japan actually interviewing Square-enix? Or maybe their just making interviews up - just to get some readers.

marinelife94071d ago

What if Square were to go ahead with all that Blu-Ray space put English subtitles on the Japanese disc?

RememberThe3574071d ago

But I honestly don't care as long as Versus and WKC comes out next year i'll be good.

Alvadr4071d ago

SE are talking out of their rectum. How on earth is the PS3 version not going to be delayed... When they want to release both versions at the same time and they arnt even going to start working on a 360 release until they 'burn it to a Bluray.

They say that because they havent announced a release date yet. So how can it be delayed... Meaning that they will build 360 dev time ontop of their originally schedule before they do announce a date.

If the game was PS3 exclusive we would have got it alot sooner but we will never know.

coolfool4070d ago

that despite what they have said in this article and the contradicting stuff which has been said in the past, the jury is still definitely out on what is actually going to happen.

I am not sure we will know for sure until just a few weeks before the releases.

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Shane Kim4071d ago

Xbutt3fixme better not be holding this game back or else I'll sell my company.

AngryBot4071d ago

and FULLY exclusive in Japan.

Once again, we now know that Xbots have been jumping and partying prematurely again.

The PS3 absolutely RULES and DOMINATES the 3rd60 in every way. And the full FF experience = exclusive only, now and forever, on PS3.

Sucks to be an xbot.

Drealmcc0y4071d ago

"Its comin ta Eu n Na for PS3rd early gaiz, i swearz :("

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4071d ago

'In the interview they reassure Playstation 3 owners that their version of Final Fantasy XIII hasn't been delayed at all and that the Xbox 360 version won't even be started until the PS3 release is burned to Blu-ray' ;-D

POOR POOR xBots!!! ;-D

Then they can burn it to 8 DVD's for the Watered down version on the xBox 3SH*TY!!! ;-D

Sena Kobayashi4071d ago

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thats how you all sound.

Im of to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!!

Shane Kim4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Well ofc you want sex with the PS3 and someone from Sony. What? You think anyone would touch me? Not even with a sh!tty broom.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Be careful FU*KING your xBox 360 and M$ up the @SS!!! ;-D
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Go play your only 2 games you got on your xBox 3SH*TY!!!
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Laexerias4071d ago

Sena you made me laugh so f*cking hard!

dukadork4071d ago

her dildo RRODed and now she has to use her fingers instead

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thereapersson4071d ago

Their original statement was that the PS3 version and the 360 version were releasing side by side. What's different here?

Shane Kim4071d ago

They will be in NA and EU. BUT FF13 will first be released in Japan.
I just couldn't comprehend this sentence "Xbox 360 version won't even be started until the PS3 release is burned to Blu-ray." That would make the NA and EU releases to be released like a year later, if not holding back the Japan release intentionally.

Somnus4071d ago

Exactly. I am wondering how Square is gonna pull it off without the PAL and NTSC launch being ALOT later on.

Weed4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Square said in an interview that they are developing a localized version on the PC as their main platform. Meaning while the Ps3 is being released in japan they have plenty of time to quickly port the PC version to X360(Similar architecture) in time for the NA/EU launch while they localize the PS3 version.

The 360 version is not being made from scratch. I think a lot of people seem to think that. PC to 360 ports are cake for developers. I don't think It's hindering development as much as people believe.

RememberThe3574071d ago

I'm tired of playing along with this little game that Square is playing. They need to tell us what the deal is so we don't waist our damn time trying to figure it out. Thats the kind of crap that got Wall street all f*cked up.

We need transparency people!

Lucreto4071d ago

In the interviews they said they are releasing the game on the PS3 in Japan and then start the translation of the PS3 version once that is finished they will port it from the PS3 version not the PC version. The crystal tools will transfer the PC code onto the PS3 using all the PS3's power and they will then port that code to the crystal tools they use for the 360.

theEnemy4071d ago

I would laugh hard if this game with all its hype and sh*t, FLOPS.

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MarkyUK4071d ago

I find this whole situation an absolute joke. I have a 360 and PS3, but I would rather the game was released for the PS3 when it is ready, rather than MS having us all wait for their version to be complete. What happens if Square run into problems porting the game to 360? We'll be waiting 2-3 years for this game. Piss-take.

Fishy Fingers4071d ago

Square will complete the PS3 build before even starting on the 360 port. Once the Japanese PS3 version is released localisation will begin, as will the 360 development.

There is no effect at all on when PS3 owners will get the game, nothing has changed, they were always going to complete the Japanese version first then localise.

Localisation and the 360 development will not be done by the same people, if they have coding problems with the 360 that's harsh on the 360 gamers, but doesnt effect the Playstation release.

Soren the Cat4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

I agree. I am glad that everyone will get a chance to play this sure-to-be most excellent game, but come on, just do it like Bioshock except reverse (PS3 to 360 later).

PopEmUp4071d ago

it come with collection of Dvd for you to swap isn't that great?

DiabloRising4071d ago

I agree Marky. From the sound of it, which we can't even seem to get confirmation on, they will hold back the PS3 release to release simultaneously in the US. Um, if the PS3 version is being completed first, why the hell can't we get it when its ready? I'm all for more gamers enjoying this title, but this just annoys me. Give me the PS3 version when its ready, dont let the 360 edition (if true) hold it up.

RememberThe3574071d ago

If it's done then ship it. This isn't the movie industry...

Martini4071d ago

Why would they have a problem porting it to 360 ? 360 can run PS 3 games no problem it's when you port from 360 to PS 3 when studios run into problems - this has been reported in numerous articles.

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Drealmcc0y4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

O thats right Playstations biggest exclusive went multiplat didnt it
I cant wait to buy this on the 360 day 1 as the PS3 version

Edit: angrybot

i dont have a scooby on some of the fvcked up sh1t you just said, but keep telling yourself, whatever it is your saying, if it makes you feel better

AngryBot4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Now what, xbot!


FF13 is now confirmed FULLY exclusive for the PS3 in Japan and TIMED everywhere else.

With this news, it now means that Ff13 going to the 360 is truly IRRELEVANT and INSIGNIFICANT news.

-Maverick-4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

LMAO PS3 is an absolute failure.

FF13 in America and Europe on Day one = confirmed

Xbox 360= Mass Effect series, Fallout 3 DLC Exclusive, Tales of Vesperia, Lost Odyssey, Cry On, Blu Dragon, Fable II, Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean 4, The Last Remnant(this ones even Timed Exclusive LMFAO It's embarassing) and Final Fantasy 13....with more coming.

PS3= Fail, Fail, Fail, Fail, Delay, Epic Fail, Loses Long-time Exlcusive(has lost EVERYTHING), Fail, Fail, Epic Fail, Fail and more Fail.

Wake up and smell the ownage droids. PS3 is an utter failure this generation. They really have lost.

OmarJA4071d ago

White Knight Story alone sh_it on ur flops and u forgot Too Human

poor xbots won't be enjoying the full Final Fantasy Eperience no FF XIII demo no FF Versus XIII no great titles from Level-5

all they gonna get is a crappy port on 13 dvds

AngryBot4071d ago

And even shiats on all the future flops yet to come on the 3rd60.

It sucks so hard to be an xbot. Hahaha.

bunbun7774071d ago

That was classic saying WKC covers all future flops. Very bold statement indeed, but its one i'd like to believe in...

xaviertooth4071d ago

of course you'll buy it for 3shitty, thats the only thing your mommy bought for you..

how sad!

airheadluffy4071d ago

ff13 is also coming for the ps3 and its exclusive in japan. please dont brag about the fallout 3 dlc. most of the people who bought the game probably wont buy the dlc. the only dlc i buy are for map packs and free ones.

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