Nintendo Switch eBay Prices are Out of Control

The Nintendo Switch's launch supply is limited, and it hasn't taken long for enterprising scalpers to re-list their consoles for absurd prices on eBay.

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Derceto595d ago

If you have more money than brains, (which many Nintendo fans on here seem to, no matter how little money they have) then hey, more power to the scalpers.

mcstorm595d ago

It's not just Nintendo fans it's anything that is in high demand or rare. Xbox ones and ps4s were the same. So was the wii, iPhones ect.

Nothing new but also part of the reason I hate places like eBay. Fans miss out because people want to make a quick £ but on the same breath people skills hold out and not pay more than they will in the shops when it is back in stock.

_-EDMIX-_595d ago

except I actually rarely happens to Playstation or Xbox because they actually released a specific amount of units to their install base anyway Nintendo only sand bags because I don't even think they expect their platform to sell that well.

mikeslemonade595d ago

Out of control is an exaggeration. I'm reselling three of my Switched and they're going for $400 right now. $70 profit is underwhelming for all this trouble.

Kribwalker595d ago (Edited 595d ago )

I preordered 2, put mine up on eBay but then found out my friend wanted one but the preorders were sold out before he could get to the store so I let him buy the 2nd one for regular price

SolidGear3595d ago

I gave you an agree for doing a nice thing for a friend. Not sure why you got disagrees, lol

SR388595d ago

That makes no sense, your an idiot.

jholden3249595d ago

Not an article goes by without some kind of insult or slam towards Nintendo or it's fans.

I'm sensing a lot of unnatural animosity (and downright hypocrisy) here that just isn't normal.

indysurfn595d ago

Derceto did you group Sony and Microsoft fans as brainless when they had the same problem?

Thought not.

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AnubisG595d ago

This is nothing out of the ordinary. If you are willing to pay more for the console than hey, by all means.

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Psytrix595d ago

So long as there are idiots, so too shall there be a market to accomodate them.

KwietStorm595d ago

Knew I should've grabbed one.

MadMax595d ago

Not even close to outta control! They are selling at an average price of $380 to $400 without any games. Tax free mostly too! So when you think about it, these sellers aren't making much at all. If they bought it in the store, it cost them close to $330 with tax. In all reality buying off eBay, the customer would only be spending $50 or so extra dollars from what they would at the store. Then the seller has to pay eBay and PayPal fees, not to mention shipping. By the time he's all said and done, he's made absolutely nothing! 10% fee to eBay and PayPal fee. He will be lucky if he makes $20. Seriously, I've seen far worse!!! PS4 was worse than this and the PSVR bundle at the moment is more outta control. I'm kinda surprised I'm not seeing the switch on eBay selling for $600. At the same time I'm not, only one game worthwhile that can be bought for WiiU

Gamble20595d ago

I've seen them higher than 400. But you're right, when you factor in the average paypal+eBay cut of 15% the profit margins on these aren't that good for the resellers.

MadMax595d ago

Sellers can ask for as much as they want, doesn't mean people are going to buy it. I've seen them at starting bid for $399 and then end unsold lol. Thing is, you have to go to completed sold items if you want to see what they are actually selling for. It's nintendos fault really, they are causing the shortages right now, to create high demand for them. They all do this, not just Nintendo. I sell on eBay on and off, fees are getting crazy. New zelda rocks, playing it on a 4k tv with the WiiU and it looks awesome!

LAWSON72595d ago

Yeah ebay takes like 10%.

If a Switch sells on Ebay for $400 from just a casual seller he would pay $40 and once you throw in taxes that is another $20-40. They would make $20 if they were lucky and time spent shipping the profit.

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