Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 - New screeshots

Konami published a batch of new PES 2009 screenshots. Check them out.

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arakouftaian4076d ago

n i hope they did improve the game play n make this one a real next-gen, i have been playing we:pes since it was called iss in the 64 but this years is going to be my 1 year whit no soccer since many years :( the last one was a big disappointment it was sad, but he say that the real next gen it will come next year or in two more years around 09-or 2010, but maybe i may get this one used or if i can find it in a special sale(blackfriday)

Vitalogy4076d ago

'till now, fifa 09 is in front when it comes to graphics, also liked the gameplay this year (i've tried demo). lets wait for the pes2009 demo to compare...