Breath of the Wild vs. Horizon Zero Dawn: Which Open World Game Should You Play?

Two great games, how can you choose?

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Deep-throat2399d ago

Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Gameplay is king.

GtR35olution2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Lol. Zelda botw with all its clipping, pop ins and frame drops isnt better than horizon zero dawn. Its funny people try to throw out "gameplay" buzzword as if zelda has better gameplay. Horizon zero dawn is technologically a way better game with a lot more gameplay advancements than zelda botw. Zelda botw is held back by the console its on and its design. Nintendo games gets a lot of free passes for silly things that would never get by on other gaming platforms. The gameplay and everything seems so dated imo. To each his own

freshslicepizza2398d ago

hmm, how many switch/wii u owners on this site compared to ps4 owners? i think that will tell the true story with the responses.

EddieNX 2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

BOTW is genuinely amazing. It deserves its 98 rating, I'm gunna go with the critics instead of a load of crying Sony fanboys on this one. Seems Horizon has better graphics obviously, Zelda is just a better game, period.

Boohoo Zelda isn't on ps4 so that means it sucks! Its just average and overrated... Grow up lol.

Im playing Horizon as soon as I've finished Zelda, and I'm pretty certain already its not gunna be as good.
The game gets better and better the more you play it. At first I was like its not perfect... But now I'm starting to see why. The way this open world plays is crazily good. Its seemless and overhwelming.

Nitrowolf22398d ago

Played, both IMO its silly to say which is better because itll end up to that person.

Is the last of us better than Uncharted? Is uncharted 4 better than Horizon?

You can say they are, but its hard to judge. They all offer different experience.

Some things in Horizon i like more than BoTW, but some things i like in boTW i like more than horizon. Both titles are amazing in their own ways, why must it be a competition.

Eonjay2398d ago

Both if you can but obviously of you only have a Wii U then its Zelda and if you only have a PS4 its Horizon. If you just bought a switch then Zelda seems really essential as there really isn't another big title like that on Switch. I have a PS4 so I bought Horizon but when I get the Switch I will be getting Zelda as well.

DarXyde2398d ago

Having played some of both, I'm digging Breath of the Wild more. Both are fantastic, but Zelda, I feel, is the better game.

I should add, in response to your criticisms of Breath of the Wild, I can replace "Breath of the Wild " and "Nintendo" with "Shadow of the Colossus" and "Sony" and it would be just as true: it was far more of a technical mess on PS2 and was held back by its hardware. At times, the game chugged to an infuriating level. Still a great game though. Sadly, there is no game like SOTC to make a comparison, but why is it so hard to see that Zelda can be considered the better game than Horizon? I've encountered a few issues myself where I get such in a wall and need to reload a save. It's very infrequent, but it happens. BOTW, while not perfect from a technological perspective, more than gets the job done. If you want to talk about free passes, just remember that people still buy Bethesda game at launch. Games from From Software have pretty glaring issues--again, far worse than Zelda. I just don't get it.

You all can disagree, but I'm being objective. As a game, comparing fun factor, I would definitely say Zelda deserves to be rated higher than Horizon...and it is. I'm certain most of the people agreeing with you haven't even played both games, so I have a hard time taking them seriously. GTR35olution, I can, for the most part, respect your opinion. I disagree on the idea that Nintendo is always given free passes which I provided examples for and I certainly don't feel that the gameplay is dated. I would definitely say that, overwhelmingly, most critics agree with me. Don't treat this as a personal attack, I just felt compelled to argue my position.

Well, that's that. Back to my games.

Aeery2398d ago

@EddieNX :

78 users score right now.
Lets cut off a good chunk of fanboy, I do not still think it can reach the 98 ...
So yeah, this game got a nice free pass.

StrawberryDiesel4202398d ago

You played and completed Zelda Breath of the Wild?

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magicted2398d ago

Horizon Zero Dawn by far is the game to play. If your looking for next generation gameplay, next generation visuals which are some of the best. Looking for a next generation story and voice acting. Looking for a world and game that hooks you from the start and doesn't let go then that's Horizon.

Now Breath of Wild is good but not great at all. It screams last generation with graphics and the animation. Link approaches items and instead of animation of him picking it up or even touching it. Stats just pop up and now it's in your inventory. So talk to NPC's in the game and we go back to conversation bubbles on the screen. I thought games moved away from this year's ago. 8 different enemies just in different shades. The games drops back and fourth just from him running in open grass. Most games now leave enemies bodies or parts when you defeat them. In this game they poof and vanish in thin air like games 2 generation ago. The fighting mechanics are basic and something you see on a gamecube system. I was bored and disappointed after a few hours. I'm into games moving the genre forward and improving on things. This game takes several steps backwards and has technical issues and is awarded best game ever.

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sinspirit2398d ago

Hmm, I both disagree and agree with that. Horizon has more in depth tools to take down its foes. However, Zelda: BoTW does have more variety in its gameplay and freedom. Well, it's one of Zelda's trade-marks to have simple yet solid combat with a few tricks here and there. It's definitely a more accessible game. I have Horizon, but I've been playing Zelda constantly since I got the Switch. Keep in mind it also has many non-combat scenarios thrown in the mix. And, seeing the giant lizard on the volcano in the distance, the walking fortress in the desert, and the dragon near Gerudo Valley. It's quite amazing scope that is delivered pretty well considering the hardware on the Switch. I enjoy it very much. This coming from someone with a GTX 1080 with the AMD 1800X on the way(I mostly game, but I intend to get back into video editing,3D rendering, and other things I can benefit from it).

WelkinCole2398d ago

@Eddie. Just one game and you guys act so arrogant lol!.

What is funny is that Zelda no matter how critics suck up to it is old and gamers have grown out of it. People want games like Witcher, Red dead, GOW, Souls and Horizon now days. Like current AAA games. Watch the sales prove my point.

Regardless I rather something new than Zelda and top it off PS4 gamers have way too many great games to count. Have fun with your Zelda because it will be a while before you folks get any other decent game lol!

You Nintendo folks are a funny bunch.

nX2398d ago

^lmao at the people playing Zelda and thinking how Horizon just CAN'T be better. They're completely different games and you should at least play both before you even dare to call one of them better. To me both come close to being masterpieces but in many ways Horizon offers the superior "experience".

SourtreeDing2398d ago

stop being mean Nintendo fanboys have had nothing to brag about ever since ther consoles fell behind

DeadlyOreo2398d ago

Love the way two Microsoft fanboys are some of the first people to comment on this. Doesn't suprise me, the only competition in software Sony have at the moment is from Nintendo, ain't no games for them to play lol.

davand1142398d ago

Have you seen the user scores? It's nothing but a bunch of dumbass fanboys trolling because they're mad that nintendo has a higher score than any of the games on their favorite console. These are the same asshats that did it to Uncharted 4. The user reviews on metacritic can't be trusted because any dick head can go and make a account to troll a game that they have never even played.

Vegamyster2398d ago

You've made comments weeks ago calling the game garbage and outdated so i don't really take this comment seriously since you made it clear before either game launched which was better. If Zelda was so terrible then how come Greg Miller who's massive Playstation fan loves the game? You can hear why he loves it & the aspects he likes more compared to Horizon which he also loves: https://www.youtube.com/wat...

Most of the main issues with the game like the framerate & Popin were brought up in most reviews, they just said it didn't bother them enough to ruin the experience, there is plenty of games that have been reviewed with one or both of these problems that have gotten high scores. I haven't heard any big complaint other then those things yet, all i hear how they're giving the game a free pass on other things that other games would take a hit for but never name them.


"78 users score right now."

Metacritic is one of the worst places to go for user reviews, people make new accounts just to give games they love or hate 10's or 0's, there is hardly any middle ground.


The enemies have a question mark pop up above there head because they don't know that it's a bomb, it's a giant blue orb that according the first minutes of the story hasn't been seen for 100 years.

S2Killinit2398d ago

I think either one you go with is great choice. Such a great month to have to choose between two games of such high caliper.

JackStraw2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

Zelda does get a bunch of free passes, though. That cannot be argued. I've consistently seen Nintendo exclusives get praised for things that even 3rd Party games on X1/PS4 get constant flack for, like performance issues or repetition. But anybody who owns a Switch and has played the game (at least in HH mode) cannot argue that it is a masterpiece, just as anyone who has played HZD can acknowledge that it is a brilliant game, and a technologically impressive piece of software. If you really want to see how great a game is using scores, I'd recommend OpenCritic, but you can't solely go off of the critic score or the contributor score, but you can use both of them to determine a fair average for a game. I've stopped using Metacritic because the user reviews on that website are pure fanboy love or pure fanboy hate, and so it's too difficult to create a fair rating for any game because neither the critic or user scores should be exclusively used to determine how good a game has scored. Anyway, when I check OpenCritic and use both scores to create an average for each game HZD comes out to a 90, and BoTW comes out to a 93. This should tell you how amazing both of these games are, and anyone who can't see that is most likely blinded by brand loyalty. If I genuinely had to choose between HZD or BoTW I wouldn't be able to. HZD has created a world that's so lively, immersive, and believable, with a character who initially I was bored to death by, but the game managed to make her one of my favorite game characters ever, and because of all of that it's hard to not get lost in for hours. But my favorite game of all time is Ocarina of Time, and playing through BoTW managed to give me the same excitement and awe I felt as an eight year old playing through that game. Every little thing in OoT amazed me, clearing Jabu Jabu's belly, the perfect execution of Adult/Kid Link, finally obtaining the Master Sword.

tldr - Both games are phenomenal, and will be remembered for years to come.

Kribwalker2398d ago

So the 8.0 user metascore on uncharted 4 means that game got a free pass as well eh
As well as the 8.1 user score for horizon

bouzebbal2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )


You are always here, sad not to be in either one. 2 games were added to backwards compatibility. Go play them lol
Going back to zelda..amazing open world, but terrible zelda game I'm bored I need dungeons!!!!!!
Shrines are terribly short!!!! Haven't played Horizon but want to play it even more now

Azmatik2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

Horizon has some of the smoothest and best gameplay this gen, end of story. If anyone thinks its just a "tech masterpiece for gfx" they are absolutely wrong and havn't left the first area or havn't played the game.

Ceaser98573612398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )


"Im playing Horizon as soon as I've finished Zelda, and I'm pretty certain already its not gunna be as good. "

Try trolling harder next time.. If your pretty certain "ALREADY" that HZD wont suit your style why waste your energy.. Keep playing Zelda till the next Wii title hits..


From what you have written, i bet my ass you didnt even play HZD those load of BS you have just said is proven wrong.. The voice acting was brilliant and its been said by many reviewers but hey! they are prolly paid according to you X1 fangirl.. Yes! few NPCs has the voice lipsing issues but thats negligible and happens in most huge open world game with Npcs including Witcher 3.. The game is polished and runs at 30fps without a frame drop that itself is outstanding and with time more fix will be out and the game will be even better. Fangirls like you have never played the game but still will nit pick on every minor issues and make it look like you know everything and a game on day one should be 100% .. GG is working on fixes bdw..

conanlifts2398d ago

Nitrowolf2 has the best response and sums it up very well.

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fungusar2397d ago

If you played Zelda, you would know why it is the best. It did not getter better reviews than Horizon for nothing.

Bwremjoe2397d ago

This is utter nonsense. Have you extensively played both? The gamplay is on the same scale, but Botw wild has a bit more uniqueness. HZD is awesoom, but a direct follow up on games like the Witcher.

Also, you start your critics by discussing graphics and then claim Nintendo has no right to play the gameplay card? Dude. :'l Buy a titanX, buy 28284 good looking games, and never play them. Good day, sir.

Gazondaily2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Lol of course N4G would pick Horizon.

Both games are stellar. Horizon looks astonishing.

Zelda's world has sucked me right in. Dungeons are cack though

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SCW19822399d ago

Gameplay in Horizon is excellent as well so your comment is troll worthy.

nX2398d ago

Not only excellent, it's close to perfect in every way. BotW can't compete with that, it certainly wouldn't have gotten such high scores if it wasn't a Zelda game.

naruga2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

i dont like Switch but i m saying ZeldaBOTW ..is more genuinely made ...yes technically is inferior from any aspect but here is where the expert Nintendo dev teams make up the loss with far more appealing world/characters/mechanics-gam epaly /art...Zelda is like an artisantly handmade jewlery while Horizon like a very high tech tool from the best machinery (handmade wins no matter its very few imperfections

thorstein2398d ago

I still don't understand why people can't play both. I am going to play both.

What countries have these bizarre laws that prevent people from playing on more than one platform?

I will get BOTW and I will enjoy playing it. Just like I enjoy playing Horizon Zero Dawn.