Eurogamer Review: Burnout Paradise: Bikes Pack

Eurogamer reports:

''Reviewing something free can sometimes feel like you're not so much looking a gift horse in the mouth as wrenching the jaws off the gift horse and thrusting your face so far down its gullet that you can taste its tail. With that pleasant image in mind, Burnout Paradise recently underwent its most sweeping change since release back in January so it makes sense to see how the addition of bikes and clocks has affected Paradise City.

The first thing you'll notice is a new front end, with local time and weather conditions around the world and updated news from the world of Burnout. The downside is that the game now takes an agonising amount of time to start up. I'm playing the Xbox 360 version, and while I used to be able to jump into the game very quickly I know have to watch a loading screen for several minutes, click through some more screens and suffer yet more loading as the console slurps up the additional data from the hard drive. Annoying.''

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ChileanBoy4074d ago

on the ps3 it doesnt take a long time to load, its takes about the same time to load as last time.