Gameplanet Review: Infinite Undiscovery

GP reports:

''The learning curve is a leisurely 40-60 minutes, due to the tutorial screens drip feeding info on a 'need to know' basis as the game progresses. Controls are fairly simple to master, and once you have acquainted yourself with the various commands you'll be able to focus fully on the game's story and characters. Speaking of which….

The story behind Infinite Undiscovery is basically another take on your basic 'good vs evil' and 'zero to hero' tale. In this case the good guys are a devoted, ragtag band of freedom fighters led by a noble knight: Sigmund the Liberator, whose hobbies include mowing down hordes of Order of Chains minions and destroying their handiwork by severing the heavy duty chains they use to shackle the moon (an improbable scenario, but this is the realm of fantasy RPG – and a Japanese one at that). The game's protagonist is not actually Sigmund, but a rather less heroic jailbird flautist named Capell, who happens to look an awful lot like him, and whose life is changed forever when his uncanny resemblance to the people's hero prompts one of Sigmund's followers to bust him out of the slammer.

Like many games of this ilk the storyline behind Infinite Undiscovery is linear, and while it does contain a few optional side quests, many of these are of a trivial nature, requiring Capell to take on the role of errand boy rather than anything truly intriguing.''

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