The first Nintendo Switch dies in the wild, blue screen of death style

We’re roughly half a day into the launch of the Nintendo Switch here on the east coast of the U.S., and it looks like we have our first victim. Reddit user supportdevil (figures) took to the Nintendo Switch subreddit to show off their bricked console.

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-Mezzo-2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Man I feel bad for the guy, I would hate it if my Just Bought gadget got busted like that.

Hope he can get it Switched,... hahahahahaha, get it, 'Switched', like it's the name of the console 'Switch', hahahahahaha.

subtenko2395d ago

switched for another working console :)

SolidStoner2394d ago

Switched Nintendo Switch, and when switched, Nintendo Switch if you press the switch, Nintendo Switch, switches on! :) amazing console!!!!!

Relientk772395d ago

I like your terrible joke lol

-Mezzo-2395d ago

It's so bad, it's good. Lol

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Kaneki-Ken2395d ago

Hoping my switch doesn't suffer the same fate later today once I get it from Amazon locker or it will be the worst birthday present.

mcstorm2394d ago

Wish I had gone with Amazon for mine. Ordered it form zavvi and has not arrived today been told it will be tomorrow as I did not pick next day delivery even though they did not offer me that option to start. Never using them again.

oof462394d ago

Bonus points if you said it in Scooby Doo's voice.

sinspirit2394d ago

My Wii was broke a few days after launch as well. Though I was very sad about it at the time. Two and a half months of not being able to find one at Target, with the refund for the console on a gift card.. I ended up getting the PSP and MGS Portable Ops. This was actually one of the best decisions I ever made. I was ridiculously good at it. I believe I used my old name "Edge of Sins" at the time. Either way, a lot of people told me I was one of, if not the best, on the NA servers B) When Portable Ops + came out it was awesome to finally talk to some of the same players with real messaging and not pre-made messages. If they relaunched this game on the Switch, Vita, or PS4, even as a direct port with simple resolution bumps and control updates. I think it would be amazing.

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NecoTehSergal2394d ago

I can see the memes already, if Switch somehow has a failure rate like the Xbox 360 did? There'd be so many punny names for the Switch to reference its ease of breaking down - will have to see if this was just a 1 in a million fluke.

bunt-custardly2394d ago

You didn't need to explain the joke we got it. Very funny it was too.

AuToFiRE2394d ago

Ahh Mezzo, I've missed your antics on the forums

-Mezzo-2394d ago

I miss you all as well, although I'm lurking over there almost everyday I don't post much, it's gotten way too Political for me.

I will contribute from now on, because like I said, miss interacting with you all. 😁

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EddieNX 2395d ago

Mines purring like a majestic kitten! It was weird at first, the shape, size, feel of it. But after a few hours its like I've always had it! Its fuckin awesome.

BenqMagician2395d ago

How is it weird? The shape, size, feel? It looks like with the joy cons connected a wii u tablet.

EddieNX 2395d ago

Like a learning curve, it all felt bizzare for an hour.. But once you get used to it all, its amazing!!!

EddieNX 2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

The joycon on the grip feels very strange compared to xb1 controller at first as do they on the tablet. But I quickly got used to it. I wont be buying the pro controller anytime soon. It feels waaay different to the Wiiu gamepad as well,much thinner.

Hope that clears things up...

The 10th Rider2394d ago

It doesn't feel like a Wii U tablet at all. I caved and picked one up today and it feel completely different from the Wii U's gamepad. It took a little getting used to, but it's pretty comfortable to use. I will definitely be picking up a pro controller at some point.

Nitrowolf22394d ago

Its not a wii u in terms of feeling. Concept wise, yes, but in how it feels not at all. I was surprised TBH cause i thought it would be. What feels weird to me is the Wii U controller

oof462394d ago

I really don't understand the downvotes Eddie is getting.

sinspirit2394d ago

Have you got one? Mine's also working fantastic, despite me rushing to put it together and put the shoulder strap on upside down, whoops!

I felt it was a little small, which is understandable. But, after some time it feels pretty good, like a nice variant of the GameCube controller. I also like the analogs in the same spots on both sides for a nearly identical grip with both hands. But, it's fine after getting used to it and I understand it's for allowing others to have the same button access with both Joy-Con's with party games and multiplayer.

@The 10th Rider

Indeed. While very similar in layout, it's a little smaller. It just takes some getting used to.

I'm not complaining about it. I also had to get used to the DS4 when I got a PS4. Afterwards it was very comfortable.

DragonDDark2394d ago

It feels like a bigger Vita for me lol

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KevWriter2394d ago

I got mine today too. It's working great. It's really a high-tech tablet with a docking station. Nothing wrong with that - that's just what it "feels like". I'm not a fan of the controller (kinda small for adult hands), but I ordered the Pro controller, so that should take care of that problem. And Zelda is fun.

Relientk772395d ago

I hope Nintendo sends him a new console then. That sucks

PhoenixUp2395d ago

Such is the risk of being an early adopter

JackBNimble2394d ago

Not really, every piece of electronics ever made has a failure rate... I believe the acceptable rate is 3%. I guess we will have to wait and see if the switch can stay within the 3%.

NotoriousWhiz2394d ago

I work in software and not hardware, But an acceptable failure rate for us is 0.00001%.

badz1492394d ago

3%?! What? Last gen was when the rate has been raised. 57% is the new standards now.