PSU Exclusive: Home Beta 0.98 video walkthrough

PSU has obtained 12 minutes of all-new footage on Sony's PlayStation Home Beta v0.98 beta for your viewing pleasure. Massive thanks go to fellow PSU reader, "Sky D."

In the video, the player walks us through new features such as [email protected] and shows off familiar areas including the Theater and Mall/Shopping Center. Also, if you watch carefully, you'll notice Sony has a God of War III clip playing on one of the giant TV screens in the main outdoor area.

Other features shown in the video include:

- Two different apartments
- Studio customization screen
- Character customization
- Game Center
- Avatar commands

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slave2Dcontroller4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

I'm looking forward to HOME. The atmosphere is great and some of the animations made me LOL. Nice find Jpinter

n4gzz4073d ago

After .99, is it going to release for everyone or goes back to .991 or something.

juuken4073d ago

So am I.
...My PS3 begs for a harddrive update now. :x

Tarasque4073d ago

Ok well that sums up everything in home, i got invited to the beta and after i created my character i spent 10 mins total doing all the stuff. And i was like is this it. If they don't expand it and make more stuff to do, and integrate game stuff better and more, it is going to flop bad.

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Pandemic4073d ago

The place looks fantastic but the person who sent in the video has broken the rules by a mile...
The main point of being a beta tester is having to keep everything too themselves

MrNegativity4073d ago

so you rather everyone keep it to themselves...lets analyze that. if everyone kept it to themselves then what visual proof would we have of the content in home and what it could do? rules are made to be broken.

Voozi4073d ago

Blame the leakers if Home gets delayed again, the leakers are responsible for past delays as well fyi

S1nnerman4073d ago

And I honestly that is really odd!!! What have I become? (rhetorical question, no need to reply!)

ThatCanadianGuy4073d ago

I don't know why...but you're avatar totaly cracks me up lol

S1nnerman4073d ago

I will take that as a compliment. It's actually a still from a GIF where the frog strips and becomes superfrog complete with a cape!! lol :)

ngoniko4073d ago

i think its the tiny arms and legs and the shocking looking eyes and the chubby little stomach and the "wtf" mouth expression...

S1nnerman4073d ago

You saying I'm fat? :P lol

juuken4073d ago

Your avatar *is* cute to look at though. =3

S1nnerman4072d ago

You're making me blush at work lol Now everyone knows I'm not working. Pah! lol :)

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ThatCanadianGuy4073d ago

I cant wait for this..The view from the house was looked better then most "next gen" games..

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