Sony's Big Mistakes

"Over the years Sony has done a lot of things right: they introduced 3D gaming to the masses, secured and nurtured many top-notch franchises, and have pushed to turn our humble gaming consoles into devices capable of delivering the latest audio visual material direct to our content-hungry brains. Along the way, however, Sony has taken its fair share of missteps, and the ongoing evolution of the PS3 seems to be a source of more and more of them." - from gameplayer

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krackchap4070d ago

LOL. this article is sooooo 2007 when ps3/sony bashing was on an all time high.

HowarthsNJ4070d ago ents/Sony-Hate.aspx

No need to read the rest.

boodybandit4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

"Sony's Big Mistakes"
I was expecting to see another brilliantly written piece (OS) written by bruceongames. </Insert sarcasm here>

For all of their (Sony) mistakes they appear to be doing pretty good globally at the highest price point of all the gaming consoles. People can write all the articles like this they choose. They are only fooling themselves. With their upcoming releases and another price drop, Sony is going to kick into over drive and not look back.

Last year my gaming time was split 75% 360 - 25% PS3. This year so far it has been roughly 50 - 50. Depending on Gears 2 there will most likely be a huge shift in my gaming time towards the PS3. I have a strong feeling that by this time next year my percentages will be 80% PS3 to 20% 360 (if that).

theKiller4070d ago

but when i saw the URL i changed my mind!!! what else can they tell? any bashing for ps3 right now is pointless!! ps3 is on the rise!! and its selling much more than 360 everywhere world wide!

so i see no point reading article about how bad was sony with ps3, because now they fixed all those problems and delivering better than 360

Ben10544070d ago

change the fact that they made some big mistakes

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LinuxGuru4070d ago

LOL I can't stand this stuck-in-2007 crap that is getting posted lately.

People are REALLY reaching, man...

MrNegativity4070d ago

is it me or does that sackboy look AWESOME!!!!!!

antt34069d ago

Or does it seem like there's a lot of Sony Hate going around N4G today. Just one glance at the news stories for PS3 revealed at least 3 negative articles.

Hellsvacancy4070d ago

Wot is with all the Sony bashing lately?

I know i backed a winner when i bought my Ps3

Drealmcc0y4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

Is that why its in 3rd place right now and has the least AAA exclusives right now?
Even the wii has more AAA exclusive rofl

amnesiac: so you're saying i should be playing my consoles 24/7 and never come onto the internet and whatnot. im a waste of oxygen am i? o no what will i do now, that you have said this :(

LOL at the disagrees, they all disagree, but they dont say anything BECAUSE THEY KNOW ITS TRUE. sad sons of b1tches

Amnesiac4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

OH WAIT, trolls don't play video games.

Edit: No, I'm saying you're a waste of oxygen.

Why o why4070d ago

said third place 'right now'. Well done for owning yourself mate. Even you consciously/sunconsciously know the ps3 will overtake the 360 before too long. Banding aaa around makes you sound like a bit of a tw!t espescially since its been a long time since you've played a so called aaa title

Drealmcc0y4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

why o why
i have a PS3, and MGS4 is an awesome game, best game this generation
amnesiac: wrong again

plain rice4070d ago

I don't know why you mention the PS3 being in 3rd place when we all know that the 360 had A YEAR head start worldwide. The PS3 on the other hand launched a year after the 360 in NA/Japan and 1.5 years after the 360 in the EU territories. It also had to co-launch with the Wii that was half the price. Not only that but if I recall, the PS3 outsold the 360 last year which makes the PS3 second place for the year of 2007. As of right now the PS3 is still in second place for 2008.

Amnesiac4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

You don't have MGS4, you must be mistaking it for that super badass Burger King game. SNEAK KING FTW!!!! GO XBOX!!! Fueling gluttony and poor quality titles!

SL1M DADDY4070d ago

Don't keep me up at night. They are simply the opinions of uninformed journalists that need more hits to keep their site profitable. Sorry, but the negativity against the PS3 quit about a year ago and with all that Sony has done to improve their rep over the last year is working.

Just as a reminder to those who have forgotten... Remember how there was a time Sony didn't listen to the consumers? Remember how they did what they wanted and cared not for us? Now we have the PS Blog, a console that has plenty of cool community features and games that rock. They are listening and making changes accordingly. it is a start and they are getting better.

My 360 and my PS3 play nice together, why can't the fanboys?

Why o why4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

you would've known about drakes, R+C, GT5p, Ressistance, Motorstorm etc but you've only PLAYED MGS4 (allegedly) If you had played any of the games mentioned and made that statement then you'd have a leg to stand on but in all honesty you sound like a troll and owning many systems (allegedly) doesnt automatically stop you from being a troll or having troll-like tendencies

juuken4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

You know what?

That belongs in the open zone-->

Nobody's denying that Sony hasn't made mistakes. But to mention those mistakes *now* when the PS3 is gaining momentum is nothing but pure flamebait. You want me to list how many mistakes Microsoft has made this generation? From the infamous Red Light of Death, to disk scratching, to saving their asses from a class action lawsuit by using warranties instead of fixing the real issue at hand, one has to wonder why someone wouldn't take the plunge to get a 360 these days.

I mean...why doesn't the author of this article mention Microsoft's mistakes? Or Nintendo's mistakes?

AAA titles has nothing to do with it first of all and second of all, I could have *sworn* that the 360 hasn't had a real AAA title since Gears of War and Halo 3.

Also you have every right to be on the internet but I am sick and tired of hearing about these AAA titles and how 360 owners have all these games. If you have so many games, then why don't you flaunt them or even play them for that matter?

Oh, that's right I forgot. 360 owners here love a good dose of anti-PS3 propaganda!

And you don't have a PS3. You don't have MGS4. Do you think we're stupid or something?

Mclovin964070d ago

"Do you think we're stupid or something?"

You hit the nail on the head juuken. Yes, we think you are stupid. Anyone like yourself who is a high ranking official in the SONY DEFENCE FORCE is a stupid individual indeed.

juuken4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

That's why you have two bubbles Mc'Lovin. Love how you completely ignored my argument and insulted me in the gamerzone.

Openzone is that way-->

Mclovin964069d ago

the open zone is that way ----->

where you permanently belong with all your anti-microsoft propaganda. get a life juuken, seriously.

NipGrip4069d ago

Complaining about PS3 owners being Anti-MS in an anti-Sony/PS3 post. Gotcha! Get a grip.

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Drealmcc0y4070d ago

Sony and there failed promises, but some idiots like on this site, lick there balls to hell and back for TEH POTENTIALZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Amnesiac4070d ago

The idiots on this site, that are obsessed with talking about said ball licking.

Just come out man, we all know you like it.

AngryBot4070d ago

Sony sells more every month than the 360.
Software (see attach rates) AND hardware.

MS is desperate. They had to bring the price down for the 4th time now (versus 2 by Sony - OWNED).

They are losing momentum and Sony is set to dominate this holiday season with the triple As lined up.

Blu Ray is selling more and more every month. And will continue to do so as more blockbuster movies see release on Blu Ray format.

@3 "Whats with the Sony bashing"
Well, the PS3 triple As are lined up in front of the door. So naturally, the Xbot "army" is mounting a counter offensive. Its not a coincidence that LBP is attacked in the other thread (even though the issue at hand in that thread is fking TRIVIAL at the very best. I mean cmon, no online create at release but patch coming later? Who the hell fking cares! hahaha, become so desperate to attack trivial things now?)

Drealmcc0y4070d ago

"triple AAA lineup"

Prove they are going to be AAA.
Thats all you got future potentialz, hoping thats it all going to be all great

GOTY 20074070d ago

AAA LINEUP?????????//

Please desperate, last palce PS3rd fanboys...just stop embarrassing yourselves.

PS3rd has been smeared into the ground this generation. It hasn't done ONE THING right without be delayed...and everything about it sucks or is VERY mediocore and below the competition.

It's a fact.

PS3 is a PATHETIC console for delusional asians and the biggest nerds trying to go back and relive the go 'ol days when Playstation ruled, had everything the best, RPG's and now it FAILS AT EVERYTHING.


juuken4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

1. Learn the difference between there and their. It makes you look illiterate.

2. Microsoft has had their own share of mistakes as well. The RROD is perhaps THE biggest screwup in the history of the gaming industry. Oh? Smack the disagree button? Does that mean the RROD never existed? Does that mean Microsoft didn't have to deal with a 900million dollar cleanup?

Try again.

And GOTY, the 360 is for delusional Americans who can't tell the difference between a well made product and a piece of sh*t. You want to play the racism card?

There you go.

AngryBot4070d ago


Nothing but last gen and major flops.

Flop human
Floppie kazooie
Floppie in paradise
Infinite floppery

yea thats right. You got nothing but false hope. Hope that the true next games wont be Triple A on the PS3. Sad sad xbot.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4070d ago

Poor xBots and 90% of internet sites trying so hard to bring down the PS3 and it's not working!!! ;-D

The xBox 360 is looking so out of date now it's very embarrassing!!!

Stryfeno24070d ago

Why all the hostility...

Angryxbot, you my friend are a moron...PS3 as a whole this gen is a major flop. Even Sony said that the PS3 stumbled out of the gate.

Kaz and Yoshida are trying to start a new look for the PS3. If you payed attention to these articles, you would of notice how Sony is struggling this gen.

juuken4070d ago

" Kaz and Yoshida are trying to start a new look for the PS3. If you payed attention to these articles, you would of notice how Sony is struggling this gen."

For a console that's struggling, it's sure been doing a pretty good job of outselling the competition for five months and has a one million lead worldwide.

Patch, Sony *has* made mistakes, once again I won't deny that. But hos could you sit there and make it sound as if they're not working hard enough to fix them?

You have a bitter, bitter hatred for the PS3 and it's really sad.

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Tacki4070d ago

I don't even care if they criticize the PS3 really. I enjoy my PS3 and I know what it does for me. Same goes for my 360. But man does Gameplayer ever come across as hit-hungry! Seems like every week they've got some article targeting a console and they usually run it with some title that's sure to stir people up. I'm not gonna say that they NEVER have valid reasons... but they sensationalize everything they do!

blu3print4070d ago

they know that it's the time now when PS3 finally takes over so they are trying everything to hold it back and all SONY is doing is just hitting back at them with more Games and enhancements.

juuken4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

I'm very happy with my PS3 as well. I played around three hours of Resistance and had so much fun running over Chimeras.


But anyway, I agree with you.