Fallout 3 headed to Xbox 360? Not unlikely says Bethesda

In an exclusive interview with the UK Official Xbox Magazine, Bethesda have revealed more details about Fallout 3, the legendary post-apocalyptic RPG franchise they took over in 2004.

And whilst the title has only been confirmed for the PC thus far, judging by the comments below, an official word on its Xbox 360 release could be imminent...

Speaking to Todd Howard (Executive producer of Oblivion, Morrowind and Fallout) with regard to Bethesda's plans for 2007 and beyond, he told us; "We started work (on Fallout 3) in late 2004 with a few people. We only had about 10 people on it until Oblivion wrapped, but most of our staff is on it now." Is it wishful thinking that Fallout 3 will eventually be released on Microsoft's next-gen machine? With the game itself utilising the same Gamebryo engine as Oblivion, perhaps not. And promised to be as huge and open-ended as their multi-award winning 2006 effort, demand for Fallout 3 on the Xbox 360 would be huge.

"We have pretty long preproduction phases on our stuff," continues Howard "doing concepts, design, building prototypes, and such. We should be ready soon to show it off, but we'll see."

For more details and the full interview with Bethesda, check out issue 18 of the Official Xbox 360 Magazine, on sale from the 15th of February.

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Captain Tuttle5233d ago (Edited 5233d ago )

I'm crazy for Fallout 1 & 2...I still play them once in awhile. Even though I know that Fallout 3 in the old style (2D isometric view, turn based combat, maybe)isn't practical today, part of me is nostalgic for that game world. I am confident, however, that Bethesda will do a bang up job with Fallout 3.

Maldread5233d ago

what they come up with, i`m sure it will be something spectacular. Hope they do the port to 360 themself or get a good developer to do it, memories of the previous Fallout on consoles was a okey, but basic game.

Captain Tuttle5233d ago

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel for the Xbox? Complete piece of garbage! A pox upon the developers! ;)

nice_cuppa5232d ago

oh im so intriged.......
oh wait no im not im annoyed.

stop being vague games industry .

just tell us yes or no.

its not to hard is it..

see how easy it is.

TheMART5232d ago

Oblivion sold very well on the 360

So I see this game coming over probably also

Adversary5232d ago

If they turn Fallout into a first-person Elder Scrolls clone I will never buy another Bethesda game for as long as I live. RPGs NEED scripted dialogue and events. The greatest RPGs of all time have always had them (KOTOR, Torment, Fallout, FF, Jade Empire, Secret of etc.). To try and cram a game as multi-dimensional as Fallout into the Bethesda cookie cutter sheet would be a tragedy. Bethesda doesn't even make RPGs, they make first person hack'n'slashers with character sheets. It was like the first person equivalent of Diablo. There was not one speck of roleplaying involved. BAH! There's still hope though. Interplay could save it with the MMO... or it could be crap just like every other MMO (yeah, I know you're thinking "Warcraft", but you can't even rationally call that a game... it's like a full time job).

The Snake5232d ago (Edited 5232d ago )

Ever since Black Isle went out of business, my favorite RPG developers have been Bethesda and Bioware. Since Bioware is made up of a lot of the guys from Black Isle, I think they would have done the best job with the franchise. Since Elder Scrolls is the only RPG franchise I have spent more time with than Fallout, Bethesda taking over this project wasn't unwelcome news to me when it happened.

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