THQ Nordic Presents “yuge” Line-up At PAX East

Seven playable titles at THQ Nordic booth #20037 in Boston, including new additions de Blob and Sine Mora EX.

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1361d ago
BlackIceJoe1361d ago

I'm happy a new De Blob game is coming out, but I'm disappointed it is only for the PC and can only hope it will come out on the consoles in the future.

I also hope in the future there will be a Red Faction: Guerrilla 2 too.

Hardiman1361d ago

I loved Red Faction: Guerrilla! The follow up to it was horrible though and I can't even remember it's name.

1361d ago
zogunef1361d ago

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GrimReaperGamer1361d ago

Please just give me Darksiders 3 :)

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